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    Bidet Installations, Repairs & Maintenance in Sydney

    Hygienic, hands free and removes the need for toilet paper, while providing extra comfort and cleanliness.

    At Quintessential Plumbing, we specialise in bidet installations in Sydney — supplying bidet seats, bidet complete suites and installation throughout the Sydney Metro area. Whether your bidet needs replacement, repair or servicing, we take care of all your needs in one place!

    Our range of quality products and specialised capabilities mean that we can serve the needs of both homes and care facilities in the Sydney area. Now, you and your family can enjoy complete peace of mind that your domestic or commercial bidet is performing optimally and efficiently.

    Our knowledgeable and experienced team of Sydney bidet technicians stand apart. We take the time to understand your needs and partner with you to ensure we achieve the best possible outcome.

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    What To Expect From Our Services

    The experts at Quintessential Plumbing can assist with selecting the best bidet seat for your toilet, taking into consideration:

    • Client budgets

    At Quintessential Plumbing, we offer a range of bidet installations in Sydney to accommodate different client budgets. We provide cost-effective options without compromising quality and can recommend bidets that offer the best value for money. Our detailed quotes for bidet installation costs maintain complete transparency to help our clients make informed decisions based on their financial needs.

    • Size of bidet to suit an existing toilet suite

    We consider the size and design of the existing toilet suite to ensure our bidet installations in Sydney fit perfectly and function efficiently. By assessing the bathroom space, we can suggest bidet models compatible with our client’s current bathroom setup, ensuring aesthetically and functionally seamless integration.

    • The functions required for people living in the home

    Since different households have varying needs, we consider the household’s specific needs, from adjustable water pressure to temperature controls or special features for elderly or disabled individuals. We tailor our recommendations to enhance comfort, convenience and accessibility for all users when completing bidet installations in Sydney.

    • Uphold Australian plumbing standards

    We ensure all our Sydney bidet installations comply with local regulations and codes, including using approved materials and methods to ensure the bidet is safe, reliable and environmentally friendly. Our expertise in local standards guarantees the installation will pass any required inspections.

    • Long-term durability

    Our high-quality bidets are renowned for their longevity and resistance to wear and tear. This approach ensures that the bidet remains functional over the years and minimises the need for frequent repairs, providing our clients with a cost-effective solution in the long run.

    • Warranty

    We clearly communicate warranty terms to our clients, including the warranty duration, what it covers and the level of post-installation support available.


    We have a great range of bidets from leading manufacturers, like Toto, Caroma, Studio Bagno, The Bidet Shop, Coway, Reece, Duravit and more. We ensure our staff know all the newest bathroom renovation advancements and bidet installations in Sydney. Our plumbing technicians in Sydney have many years of experience answering queries about every type of bidet toilet.


    Bidet toilet seat

    A toilet seat bidet is available in different models — our bestseller being the electric models. Pricing for a new bidet toilet seat ranges from cheaper models from $700 to all-in-one complete bidet units at around $1,900. The most important consideration for bidet toilet seats is that the seat attaches to your existing toilet. You must measure the existing toilet layout and ensure it fits with the bidet seat. If you’re unfamiliar with how to complete this, consult one of our expert plumbers, who will measure all the requirements and ensure your bidet fits perfectly.

    Installation of bidet seats in Sydney can vary depending on the plumbing and electrical components required. At Quintessential Plumbing, we service all bidet solutions across Sydney and can provide a focus review and inspection of your bidet seat needs.

    Toilet Sprayer

    A toilet sprayer is a quicker and cost-effective alternative to a more traditional Sydney bidet installation, as it connects to the existing water supply. Bidet sprays are a popular toilet aid in Sydney that can be used for the elderly, disabled, or those with limited mobility while able to maintain their independence and comfort. Handheld bidets can be mounted to the wall, and depending on the brand, design and colour selection installation can vary between $300-$1,000. Our Sydney bidet team can supply the toilet sprayer kit with a douche spray and trigger. Our licensed bidet plumbers will install the bidet to Australian standards.

    Toilet & Bidet installations

    Are you looking for a new toilet suite to match your bidet? Our team is licensed and insured toilet/bidet experts who can advise on the best toilet suite to match your bidet. A licensed plumber must complete all toilet and bidet installations in Sydney in compliance with the Australian Standards plumbing code. All toilets and bidets installed by our bidet team in Sydney must comply with the WaterMark Certification Scheme, are fit for purpose and are authorised for use in plumbing and drainage installations. Before selecting a bidet, we recommend that you confirm it is labelled with the Watermark Certification to ensure all your warranties and licences will be validated.

    Sydney Bidet Installation Tips

    Before buying, check that the bidet product, or its packaging, is marked with the WaterMark certification trademark and a licence number.

    Ensure the bidet product is installed by a licensed plumber only. View our Quintessential Plumbing licence details for more information. 


    Designed for the bathroom, a complete smart toilet, the Toto washlet brings cutting-edge technology advancements to your bathroom, operating on a new standard of cleanliness. Customers in Sydney’s preferred choice is the washlet by Toto, which can minimise manual cleaning efforts by maximising the level of sanitation consistently. Toto is the leading toilet manufacturer in Japan and the world — a great solution for Sydney homeowners seeking a design-driven product and practicability.

    Fast & Efficient Sydney Bidet Installations And Repairs Near You

    For all your plumbing, bidet and toilet installations and repairs in Sydney, call the bidet specialists at Quintessential Plumbing for advice and assistance. Our team comprises trained and experienced bidet experts, completing installations to Australian bidet standards. That means ensuring that every surface is clean and our tools are wiped down.

    Our plumbers in Sydney cover everywhere from the Eastern Suburbs to North Sydney, Inner West, St George Area and the Sutherland Shire. Our dedicated plumbing team is ready to install bidets across the Sydney area.

    Reasons Why All Homeowners In Sydney Should Install A Bidet

    If you have travelled overseas, you would understand how a bidet works, a widespread piece of technology across Europe and Japan. Now becoming increasingly popular in Sydney, you can use your toilet just as normal, but instead of toilet paper, you can use the bidet to wash the area. Bidet installation in Sydney can be a great addition to an existing bathroom, sitting alongside your existing toilet or installed with a new toilet.

    A lot of Sydney homeowners prefer to use bidets over toilet paper for its many benefits, such as:

    • More hygienic than toilet paper
    • Less expensive in the long term, saving on toilet paper purchases
    • Enhance the bathroom design with an innovative toilet
    • Less chance of a blocked toilet
    • Environmentally friendly

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    Sydney Bidet Installation Steps

    Most Sydney homeowners are unsure about bidets and what to do next when they would like one installed. We work with our clients over the phone and offer consultation to determine which bidet solution will suit your needs.

    Common Sydney Bidet Installation Questions

    To prepare for a consultation with one of our Sydney bidet installation experts, we suggest considering the following questions:

    • What is the bathroom layout?
    • Is the electrical close to the location of the bidet?
    • Is there an existing toilet or sewer we can connect the bidet to?
    • Will new services need to be added, or are we adapting to an existing situation?
    • Which toilet would you like to select, e.g., in-wall cistern or a free-standing one?
    • What is the bidet set out of your current toilet?


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    We Are Always Ready to Help – Call Our Bidet Team Now!

    Quintessential Plumbing is your 24/7 plumbing specialist providing emergency plumbing services across Sydney. We service all inner city and surrounding suburbs of Sydney day or night and with a 60-minute response time. Our emergency vehicle fleet has GPS tracking systems, sending you the closest available emergency plumber in Sydney. Our utes are fully equipped for all kinds of domestic and commercial plumbing emergency work, making sure that after we leave your place, the problem is permanently fixed.

    We operate 24 hours, 7 days a week, and never close, so if you find yourself in a plumbing emergency, contact us at 02 9002 7385 and we will dispatch the closest available plumber to your address.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Installing a bidet offers numerous benefits, enhancing personal hygiene and cleanliness. It provides a more thorough and gentle cleaning than toilet paper, which is especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin or certain health conditions. Bidets are eco-friendly as they significantly reduce the need for toilet paper, conserve trees and reduce waste.

    They are also cost-effective in the long run despite the initial installation expense due to the decreased toilet paper usage. They offer convenience and comfort, particularly for individuals with mobility issues. Investing in a bidet installation in Sydney will help reduce toilet paper clogs, saving money on plumbing repairs.

    Consider several factors to determine your toilet compatibility for a Sydney bidet installation. The shape of your toilet (either elongated or round) should match the bidet attachment or seat you’re considering. There must be sufficient space around the toilet for installation and to access the water supply line, as bidets usually connect to it.

    For electric bidet seats, a nearby electrical outlet is necessary. Be mindful of the design and size of your toilet, as certain designs might not be compatible with standard bidets. The location of the toilet’s flush mechanism and whether your toilet is wall-hung or floor-mounted can also impact compatibility. Measuring your toilet and checking these aspects against the bidet’s specifications is highly helpful before contacting our plumbers at Quintessential Plumbing.

    Pricing for a new bidet toilet seat ranges from cheaper models from $400 to all-in-one complete bidet units at around $1,900. Handheld bidets can be mounted to the wall, and depending on the brand, design and colour selection installation can vary between $200-$1,000.

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