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Quintessential Plumbing is locally trusted for smelly drain fixes near you in Sydney. Do you have a bad drain smell problem? We are the #1 plumbing expert, with over 20 years of experience in removing bad smells that are coming from sinks, showers, bathrooms, Taps, and any other drains. Call us right today for a smelly drain fix. we’re open 24/7!

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    Why Do My Drains Smell Bad? Emergency Smelly Drain Fix

    A drain block never occurs as a result of a series of unrelated events in your home, as there are always warning signs that precede it. Most of the time, we overlook water collecting in the sink, water pooling in the bathroom and shower areas, or water draining from the sinks at a slower rate than usual. Drains that smell bad are another common indication that there is a blockage in the pipes. These foul odors are difficult to ignore, and in some cases, they can be so strong that they permeate your entire home’s interior spaces, making you feel sick.


    Do You Need Smelly Drain Fix? Please Don’t Try it Yourself

    Sadly, most property owners attempt to solve the blocked drain by using drain cleaners purchased from supermarkets or, if the water does not drain quickly from the sink, by using a plunger to force the water through. This is only a short-term workaround. In fact, it isn’t even a temporary fix! The vacuum only serves to clear the space within the drain. When you stop using the plunger, the block closes, and the problem will recur very quickly after that. When a sewage line becomes completely clogged, the sludge and sewage water has no choice but to reverse their flow, which causes them to exit through the Unblock Toilet Drain, sink, or other drains in your Sydney home.


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    Problems Caused by Blocked Drains - 24/7 Smelly Drain Fix near You

    Blocked drains are a typical issue in many households. Apart from being a significant irritation, dealing with blocked drains and stinky drains is also a health threat; the situation will only worsen over time if it is not addressed immediately. Blocked drains can bring the following issues:


    Unsanitary conditions

    A building’s structural damage

    Appliance and furniture damage

    Damage to floorboards, underlayment, and carpets

    Drainage damaged beyond repair



    Every piping system is equipped with a P-trap. Bathrooms have a U-shaped pipe that connects to the septic system on one side, and another that runs up to the roof on the other. This allows for bad odors to be expelled from the house and for fresh air to be brought in.

    P-traps in bathrooms are intended to protect the home from sewer gases by collecting water after every tap operation or toilet flush. The water acts as a barrier, preventing the gas from escaping into the house.

    It is common practice in kitchens to use P-traps to catch food and other waste that has been flushed down the drain and prevent it from becoming a source of blockage for the plumbing system by trapping it.

    This issue is most prevalent in faucets that aren’t used very often in your home.

    fix a stinky drain in Sydney

    Blocked Drains in Sydney Homes – Call Professional Plumber for Smelly Drain Fix


    Blockages in your home drains have been known to cause extensive pipe cracking and damage in some instances. In the event that we discover any damage to the drain pipe during the inspection, we will recommend that the damaged section be patched or relined as soon as possible.

    You May Ask Can a Plumber Fix a Smelly Drain? Yes, This Is How We Do It.

    How Do You Get Rid of Smells from Drains?

    It is critical that you address smelly drains issues as soon as possible after discovering them. Because the longer you wait to have the problem fixed, the more severe the drain blockage becomes. Quintessential Plumbing Sydney is a team of professionals who are dedicated to providing high-quality plumbing services at competitive prices. This job will be handled in the most professional manner by every plumber on our team due to the high level of skill and training they have received.

    We are the plumbing professionals in Sydney who can resolve the problem that is causing the smelly drains. We are committed to completing the job correctly the first time.

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    Smelly Drain Fix by Certified Plumber – What Our Customers Say About Us

    Lee was quite clear on price and work to be performed. Finished and tidied up after the work was complete. He also provided some good advice and actually fixed some other stuff whilst there.
    Joel D
    Joel D
    Patrick came out to fix our toilet very quickly and at a cheaper price than I was expecting! He was friendly and courteous, and he did a great job. I would not hesitate to recommend him to everyone.
    John Williams
    John Williams
    The team at Quintessential Plumbing were fantastic, they sorted out my shower in no time and were so professional and so deal with. Thank you!
    Christa Fieldsend
    Christa Fieldsend
    Paul is the best! He fixed our drainage in the kitchen sink, and I am so grateful for everything he did to make this sink work well. I will definitely refer him to my friends and family. All the best to Paul and his business!
    Amerline Lee
    Amerline Lee
    Their expertise in plumbing fixture installation was evident from the way they handled the project with utmost precision and care. They used the latest tools and techniques to complete the installation with great finesse and accuracy. The end result was a flawless plumbing system that works perfectly.
    Philippe Trounev
    Philippe Trounev
    Very professional team and solved our water pipe leak in a day. I will definitely request their services again if needed!
    Michael Lowry
    Michael Lowry
    I highly recommend Quintessential Plumbing. Kelvin and his team are very polite and efficient. They replaced all our pipe work throughout our flat and installed a bath within two days. I am very happy with the work they did for us, and I will definitely use them again. Thank you.
    Larry Tysoe
    Larry Tysoe
    Timely, professional service. The plumber identified the block, cleaned the drain, and also fixed a t-trap for future use as an added-value service. They were very reasonably priced and on time.
    Pius Agius
    Pius Agius
    I truly recommend this company. The Service is excellent and very professional. Paul fixed a leak from the main water line in less than an hour. Great job.
    Donna Ginn
    Donna Ginn
    Patrick did amazing! He came out and replaced my hot water system quickly and professionally. It was a matter of a couple hours from my first phone call to having hot water again with my brand new Rheem hot water system. I will 100% use their services again for any future plumbing needs, and you should too!
    Marie Peters
    Marie Peters

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    Quintessential Plumbing are your blocked drain and blocked toilet specialists providing smelly drains services across Sydney. We service all inner city and surrounding suburbs of Sydney day or night and with 60 minute response time. Our fleet of emergency vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking systems sending you the closest emergency plumber in Sydney available. Our utes are fully equipped for all kinds of blocked drain and emergency work making sure after we leave your place, the problem is permanently fixed.

    We operate 24 hours, 7 days a week, and never close, so if you find yourself in a plumbing emergency call us on 0403 549 598 and we will dispatch the closest plumber to your address.


    If you discover nasty sewer scents within your home, this indicates that your plumbing system has a weak connection. Bathroom sink drains, toilets, kitchen drains, basement drains, old cast iron plumbing and even the vent stack that runs out through the roof are all potential sources.

    A sewer gas leak or mere bacteria could be the cause, as could a clog or something more catastrophic. Investigate the cause when you notice a strange scent coming from your drains.

    To identify and address the source of your drain odor, Quintessential Plumbing Sydney plumbers may employ industrial water jetters, snake augers, and pipe camera equipment. An expert plumber can clear the obstruction from the source so you can once again have a clear drain.

    Smelly Drains sydney

    Frequently Asked Questions About Smelly Drain

    How Much Does It Cost to Fix Smelly Drains in Sydney

    There are a variety of blocked drain remedies available, depending on the severity of the blockage and the impact of any damage in your Sydney home. The following serves as a general estimate of what you should budget for different types of blockages:

    For between $100 and $200, a basic plunger job will clear a small blockage in a sink or toilet.

    A little portion of obstructed pipe can be unblocked with machines like hydro jetting and drain camera inspection for $300 to $500.

    Due to structural damage, a minor piece of drainage pipes will need to be replaced for $500–$3,000.

    The cost to completely excavate and replace the stormwater or sewer system with a new system ranges from $5,000 to $20,000.

    How Long Does Our Plumber Take to Fix Your Smelly Drains Nearby Sydney

    Professional cleaning of the drain often only takes a few hours to complete. You should anticipate that the operation will be completed by your cleaning company in fewer than three hours. During those three hours, we will install all of the equipment necessary for drain cleaning. This consists of a water tank and a hose that is attached to a specialized piece of equipment.

    If you are interested in finding out from an expert how long it takes to completely clean drains, give the professionals at Quintessential Plumbing Sydney a call. We will provide you with an accurate estimate of the amount of time it will take us to clean your drains, taking into account the nature of the blockage as well as its extent.

    How Do You Get Rid of Smelly Drains?

    Pour one cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar down your drain while the water is heating up, and let the combination settle. Flush the drain with boiling water after about ten minutes. Finally, flush the drain with cold tap water and wait for the odor to go away. If this doesn’t work, contact your experienced plumbers for assistance.

    What Causes Smelly Drains?

    Bacteria that cause odors may be growing on debris in your pipes. This process produces a noxious hydrogen sulfide gas that smells like sewage or rotten eggs. Mold thrives in warm, moist environments, and mold development on the material that causes a drain clog can emit a foul odor.

    How Do My Pipes Smell Like Sewage?

    Your bathroom could smell like a sewer for a variety of reasons. An incorrectly installed or cut vent pipe, a cracked or loose seal, or a damaged toilet are among the most prevalent. When organic materials break down and decompose to make hydrogen sulfide, sewer gas emits a unique rotten egg odor.

    Additionally, mold thrives in warm, moist environments, and it can also produce an unpleasant odor if it grows on the debris that is clogging a drain. Cleaning your drains is essential if you want to prevent musty odors and other drain problems like mold.

    Before things worsen, get in touch with Quintessential Plumbing Sydney if DIY fixes don’t work.

    Can a Plumber Fix Smelly Drain?

    Yes. To locate and fix the cause of your drain odor, professional plumbers may utilize industrial water jetters, snake augers, and pipe camera equipment. A professional plumber can clear the clog at the source, restoring your drain’s function.

    What Areas Do You Service?

    We Service All Of Sydney. Our dedicated team of highly experienced plumbers will look after your property with the utmost care, ensuring your property is maintained to the highest standard at all times.

    Do You Offer Preventative Maintenance Plans?

    Our plumbers will explain the underlying problem and schedule future serviced maintenance at a discounted rate once the job is completed. You will be eligible for discounts and free advice at any time if you have a scheduled maintenance plan.

    A scheduled maintenance plan can include monthly, quarterly, or as-needed visits, depending on the property’s needs. Not only are you being incredibly proactive in preventing major plumbing emergencies, but you’re also saving a lot of money and protecting your asset by regularly checking your plumbing system is working to the best possible standard.

    Our Quintessential Plumbing Sydney plumbers will inspect all faucets and fixtures, water pressure, any leaks, gutters, irrigation, blocked drains, tap pressure, and hot water systems during a plumbing maintenance appointment.

    How Do You Avoid Smelly Drains From Recurring?

     Pour hot vinegar down the drains once a week to remove soap scum and oil and keep them from stinking. To remove hair, use a plastic drain snake as suggested every couple of months. A hair-catching drain cover can also be installed. Finally, avoid allowing your P-traps to dry out.

    Expert Tips to Not Get Bad Smells From Your Drain

    Don’t wait until your drains are clogged and stinking to take action. Here are some expert tips for keeping drains clean and free-flowing:

    – Pour about ½ cup of baking soda and ¼ cup of salt over the drain.

    – Then begin pouring a large bottle of white vinegar.

    – The chemical reaction should produce foam and bubbles.

    – Allow for a 15-minute resting period.

    – Then, using just-below-boiling water, rinse everything.

    – Finally, turn on the cold water and rinse everything away.

    – Great if water freely flows down the drain!

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