Say Goodbye to Toilet Paper.... and say hello to BIDET!

07 Apr. 20

Say Goodbye to Toilet Paper…. and say hello to BIDET!

Are you running out of toilet paper in your home ? During the COVID-19 crisis in Sydney we have seen an increase in toilet paper sales and increase in blockages. 

With panic buyers and the supermarkets running low on toilet paper our clients have recently been interested in bidet solutions. Bidets are priced competitively with cost effective solutions to high end smart technology.

Bidet Installations

Quintessential Plumbing are the experts in installing bidets throughout Sydney. We have been servicing Sydney for over 10 years and are the experts when it comes to everything plumbing. 

Our bathroom plumbing services include: 

  • Bidet Repairs and Installation
  • Water Supply
  • Hot Water and Cold Water Supply
  • Toilet Waste Installation
  • Bathtub Installation
  • Shower Installation
  • Spa Installation
  • New Drains
  • Vanity or Basin Installation
  • Bathroom Plumbing Repairs. 

Benefits of Bidets: 

We understand that our clients need quick, convenient and cost effective solutions when it comes to bidets.

Overall a clean & hygienic solution! 

  • Clean & Hygienic 
  • Filtered Water 
  • Night Light illumination 
  • Antibacterial seat
  • Heat warming seat 
  • Remote controlled

Reasons Why You Should Install a Bidet

If you have travelled overseas you would understand how a bidet works, a very common piece of technology in Europe and Japan. Now becoming more increasingly popular in Sydney, you have the ability to use your toilet just as normal but instead of toilet paper, you would use the bidet to wash the area.  A lot of people actually prefer to use bidets over toilet paper there is many benefits. Such as:

  1. More Hygienic than toilet paper
  2. Less expensive in the long term
  3. Enhance the bathroom design 
  4. Less chance of a blocked toilet 
  5. Environmentally Friendly

Bidet Solutions 

Bidet Solutions

Hand Held Bidet Spray

– Most price effective bidet solution 

– Hand-held triggered nozzle that is placed near the toilet and delivers a spray of water 

Hand Held Bidet Spray

Bidet Toilet Seat

– Measure your existing toilet seat and upgrade it with a bidet seat!

– It provides the same health and hygiene benefits as a traditional bidet

Bidet Toilet Seat

Complete Bidet Toilet Suite

– Pioneering innovation in shower-toilet seats

-Redefines comfort, quality of life and modern toilet hygiene, all operated by a remote control

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Sydney’s Bidet Specialist

If you have questions regarding bidet solutions or would like to seek an estimate for your home or office, speak to a qualified bidet expert, call our team on 0403 549 598 or book online today. We are experts when it comes to plumbing problems across Sydney and its surroundings, so get in contact now!