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The place was identified by the Europeans as the Frog Hollow, then the White Gum Flat, later as the West Botany. The identity Rockdale was recommended in 1878 through the first ever postmistress, Mary Ann Geeves. Its district name gained more credence during the local railway place on the latest Illawarra rail line, commenced on October 1884, has been given also with the name Rockdale. On January 1871, The West Botany Municipal declared with the two wards, Arncliffe and West Botany has been renamed with “The Rockdale Municipality” on May 1888. A suggestion for the area to become Municipality of Scarborough however the name Rockdale has been suggested by the lead Mary Ann Geeves.


Sandringham created pieces of the early assets in the Moorabbin parish bought by Josiah Holloway during 1852. Gipsy Village, lands was sold in between 1852 and in 1854 in spite of the little settlement that took place during that time. The Bluff Town Post Off. inaugurated on April 1868 and closed in 1871, then reopened in 1873 then was renamed as Sandringham in 1887. The Sandringham is considered as one of bayside suburbs of Melbourne, situated beside the Port Phillip during the end of Sandringham railway line. The Sandringham is a famous place for the beachgoers, walkers, picnickers, sightseers, shoppers, photographers, and cyclists. Sandringham Yacht Club has been host to the number of Sydney into the Hobart yacht contest winners.

Sans Souci

This is one French term that means “without care”, or “no worries” in other terms. The area between Georges River and Cooks River was initially called as the Seven Mile Beach. Sans Souci took the name from the grand house constructed on the Rocky Point Road over the land bought in year 1853 of Thomas Holt, a politician and a wool merchant, for the German wife. The place was named after the Sanssouci in Potsdam, situated in Germany. It is the summer kingdom of the King of Prussia, Frederick the Great. But, Holt thought of that the place was too remote so he constructed one more house at the Marrickville, overseeing the Cooks River that has been named as The Warren.

South Hurstville

This is the suburb in the southern Sydney, in New South Wales, in Australia that is 18 kilometers south of Sydney central industry district. This is part of St George area. The South Hurstville is situated in the local administration place of Georges River Council. The South Hurstville is majority residential with some small commercial and shopping area. The conventional form of Shopfront strip has been situated on the Connells Point Road and the King Georges Road. Kings Head Tavern has been the landmark of this place too. There is a very light industrial place that has been situated in the lower Halstead Street.

Sydney Airport

This is colloquially called as Mascot Airport, Sydney Airport or Kingsford Smith Airport. It is one global airport in Sydney, Australia. This is initially the chief airport serving Sydney, the primary hub for the Qantas, and also the secondary hub for the Virgin Australia and the Jetstar, and also the focus urban for the Air New Zealand. The airport has 3 runways, colloquially called as the north–south, east–west, and the third runways. The Sydney Airport is still one of the longest continuously functional commercial airports in the world and also the busiest airport around Australia. It has been the 38th busiest airport during 2016 from across the world, was rated at the top 5 worldwide for airports that handled about  50 million passengers yearly, lastly was overall voted to be in the 20th greatest airport from round the world with the award of Skytrax World Airport Award.


The place is mostly residential area. There are some light business developments that are situated about the Turrella railway station & also north along a railway line. The footbridge from the Turrella above the Wolli Creek connects Henderson Street going to the eastern part of Earlwood, previously known as the Undercliffe. This footbridge has been closed in 2012 through the Canterbury Council right after it was thought to be structurally not sound but has been repaired and then re-opened in 2013 in November. The Turrella borders the part of remnant bushland, this Wolli Creek Valley, next to the Wolli Creek. There had been active shifts fighting for the preservation in a face of commands for the land.

Wolli Creek

The place was named after a waterway on the northern border. Its suburb was formerly part of the Arncliffe. Hannam, Reuben has been granted a land in the year 1825 at Cooks river banks. Alexander Brodie Spark bought land in 1826 then, constructed Tempe house in the year 1836. It has been named after the ‘Vale of Tempe‘, the beautiful valley in the ancient Greek legend situated at the foot of the Mount Olympus. The Tempe House, shaped by John Verge, had the Georgian feel and has been regarded to become one of the best houses of Sydney. The Philanthropist Caroline Chisholm rented the Tempe House as the boarding school for the young women in years 1863 to 1865.

Quintessential Plumbing Service in Rockdale, Sandringham, Sans Souci, South Hurstville, Sydney Airport, Turrella and Wolli Creek

Although the residents in Sydney, Australia may not at all time aware of the significance of plumbing in their house, making sure that the systems remained intact and properly functioning is very important. At Quintessential Plumbing Service, we are keeping your home secured from ruining foundations, septic leaks, fungal growth, and with some other hazardous instances.

Whether you are looking to make preventative maintenance, and are already in front of the plumbing emergency, we are offering a variety of top-quality plumbing assistance all over Sydney, Australia that will fit your plumbing needs. With the team’s most experienced and the knowledgeable technicians, modern equipments and with the very affordable prices, Quintessential Plumbing Service we are one of the top favored companies for repairing with any of your plumbing issues.

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