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Point Piper

This is an affluent, small Harbourside eastern suburb in Sydney. Point Piper had been historically observed as the most expensive suburb in Australia. In 2011, the Wolseley Road has been ranked as the 9th-most expensive road in the world. Point Piper was termed after Capt. John Piper. Piper was one Scottish-born military official of the Cornish parentage, who came in 1792 in the colony and constructed the neo-Palladian house on the point of land approved in 1816 by the governor. After some review of the performance of Piper as the head of Customs Department it showed that he mismanaged the funds (even though he wasn’t really accused of corruption), Piper tried to drown himself at Sydney Harbour. Later, he sold his assets at Point Piper, Neutral Bay, Petersham and Rose Bay, and transferred to the country.

Potts Point

Potts Point is one densely populated and small area in the Central Sydney in Australia. The place is also known for nightlife, particularly with the neon-lit bars and clubs of Kings Cross. The daytime brings the buzzing cafe scene, and with the locals heading to the Macleay Street for the restaurant brunches and the edgy fashion. While on Sundays, the Kings Cross Market has been packed with food stalls and craft vendors. Nearby, Llankelly Place has been the foodie hub of the hip multicultural eateries, and the Victoria Street had backpacker pubs among the terraced houses.

Queens Park + Centennial Park

Queens Park has been established in 1888 to be the part of the celebrations of the centennial of agreement in the colony in Sydney. Queens Park had been one of favorite places to visit and enjoy casual and organized activity in Sydney. The playground is situated adjacent to the sports fields and also the Shed near the Market Street. It presents shaded areas, interactive play equipment and slides. The sports field is just only minutes from that hustle and bustle in the Sydney’s CBD. The Queens Park had cricket pitches, rugby, soccer and the touch football fields that can be availed for hire on seasonal or casual basis.

Centennial Parklands is a name provided to the group of the 3 urban parklands placed in the eastern suburbs in Sydney, Australia. The lands encompass Moore Park, Queen’s Park and Centennial Park. The Parklands that have been listed in New South Wales at the Heritage Register with different components of state or local and national heritage significance. These parks are contained in the local, state areas of the Waverley Municipal Council, City of Randwick, and the City of Sydney. The parklands are trading as the Centennial Parklands and the Botanic Gardens.


This was named after a village Randwick, Gloucestershire in England, Simeon Henry Pearce birthplace. He became the Mayor of Randwick that is no lesser than 6 times. Simeon migrated in 1842 to Australia, and James, his brother arrived in 1848. He was accountable for the establishing and Randwick early development. Simeon built the primary stone house in 1848 in the area named as Blenheim House that may still be seen on Blenheim Street. This was neglected in some time during the mid-1900s, however, it was finally acquired by the Randwick City Council then it was restored.

Rose Bay

Rose Bay had views of both Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House together. Lyne Park adjoined Sydney Harbour on the west. The Shark Island is situated in Sydney Harbour and just north part of Rose Bay. The Bay was named right after the accurate Honorable George Rose, she was the joint Secretary to British Treasury together with Thomas Steele then after that Steel (e) Point located at Nielsen Park has been named. The word Rose Bay has been used during the early 1788 by Capt. John Hunter. HMAS Tingira, called after the Aboriginal word for the ‘open sea’ has been moored in from 1912-1927 in Rose Bay.


Woollahra Municipality takes its identity from the suburb however the administrative centre is situated in Double Bay. The Woollahra is popular for its tree-lined, quiet village-style and residential streets shopping centre. Woollahra is the Aboriginal word that means camp, sitting down place or meeting ground. This was approved by Daniel Cooper, the first ever speaker of the legislative assembly in New South Wales, during that time that he places down the Woollahra House foundations in 1856. This was constructed on the place of the former Henrietta Villa or the Point Piper House. Together with his descendants and Copper, became responsible for the founding and the progress of the suburbs and the name had been taken from a house.

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