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Double Bay

This is the administrative place for the local administration of the Woollahra Municipality. The Double Bay takes the name of the Sydney Harbour bay and referred to the two geological formations between Darling Point and Point Piper, which are episodic by the miniature point in the interval. The eastern part has also known as the Blackburn Cove. It had some of those costly real-estates within Australia and it is colloquially often pertains to as the “Double Pay”, the term coined because of the high profits of people staying there, and also the nature of shopping area that featured high-end fashion tags.

Dover Heights

Dover Heights is thought to have been called for its cliffs next to the Pacific Ocean that resembled those discovered at Dover, in the place of Kent, England. The initial mention of this Dover Heights emerged in the municipal records during 1886. The section was initially first used in the market gardens. In year 1830, the land in the place had been possessed by Daniel Cooper in the year 1785–1853, the partner in the company Cooper and Levey, and they owned Waterloo Stores. The Rodney Reserve at Dover Heights clifftop, had been used by Royal Australian Air Forces for the coastal defense radar.


This is being surrounded by the border of Paddington, Rushcutters Bay, Darling Point, Double Bay, and Woollahra, The property prices here is very high due to its being near to the city also lots of homes give views of the Port Jackson in Sydney Harbour. Edgecliff takes their name from their location because it sits exactly at the edge of the cliff. This rocky cliff was broadly quarried during the early days of the European settlement. The Edgecliff railway station was introduced in 1979, when their Eastern Suburbs railway lines had been opened from the Central to the Bondi Junction.

Elizabeth Bay

Elizabeth Bay suburb takes their name from the Sydney Harbour bay. Macleay Point separates Rushcutters Bay from Elizabeth Bay. Elizabeth Bay suburb is bordered by the suburb of Potts Point and Rushcutters Bay. Garden Island is the locality at the north border and Kings Cross is the locality at the southwestern line. Elizabeth Bay was titled in honor of the wife of Governor Lachlan Macquarie, Elizabeth. The area was initially known by an Aboriginal name ‘Yarrandabby’, also what is now known as Macleay Point was the ‘Jerrewon’.

Quintessential Plumbing Service for Double Bay, Dover Heights, Edgecliff and Elizabeth Bay

Whatever your problem is, you may trust Quintessential Plumbing to help. From the toilet repair to the clogged pipes, when you are in need of a plumber, the experienced, highly trained and professional team will locate for the cause of any trouble and they will fix it all for you.

We know the worth of having one plumber whom you can call and trust all your plumbing needs, and we tried to go over and beyond your hopes to earn your trust every time. The company engineers are all Gas Safe registered, they have undergone have professional training and they have loads of hands-on experience. They are all well versed in any type of plumbing procedures from the wide range of contacts and suppliers.

We would love to talk to you about the plumbing maintenance needs that you want. We can transmit out plumber out to your place right away to talk with you about any plumbing repair necessities. For expert plumbing maintenance and repair and for your guaranteed satisfaction, contact us now.

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