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The town of Como was initially made of 3 land grants, bought in February 1891 by Christchurch planter Edmund Hugh Comer. The land has been subdivided under the label Como Estate in 1905, which is considered to be taken from either the surname of the owner or the place of similar name in the northern Italy. This Como forms portion of the Town of South Perth. The town of Como is repaired by a Canning Bridge bus terminal and Canning Bridge railway terminal. There are four learning centers in the area. The Collier and the Como Primary Schools, the Como Secondary College (formerly Como Senior HS), and the Penrhos College, one all-girls private school that has the primary school and also a high school.


This is taken from the aboriginal term Kurranulla, which means “place of the little pink seashell” in a dialect of the Aboriginal inhabitant area, the Gweagal, who had been the tribe of Tharawal or the Dharawal tribe of the Indigenous Australians. They dwelled in the southern geographic places of Sydney. The seashore was labeled by Robert Dixon, a surveyor who surveyed in 1827-28 here and, by 180, this main beach has been still known as the Karranulla. While in July 1852 a schooner Venus has been wrecked while at the beach, that has been referred to in the newspaper reports as the Cooranulla.

Dolans Bay

The Dolans Bay was labeled after the land owner in an area named as Patrick Dolan, that is probably after his son’s name also, Dominick Dolan. Mr. Patrick Dolan bought about 286 acres adjacent in 1856 by the bay. In 1858 Andrew and Mary Webster paid about 108 pounds, 15 shillings plus the annual peppercorn quit rent in this area land. The Websters market their land in 1863 to Dominick Dolan. In 1927, there are 30 allotments of the “Port Hacking Seymour Estates” that were promoted to be auctioned by C. Monro Limited auctioneers on 9 April. A stone bungalow had been advertised also for the sale on one of their blocks. The Dolans Bay had a number of legacy-listed sites with 733 Port Hacking Lane.


The place was reserved for the national park in the year 1879, but during 1890 Charles McAlister has been able to buy the land here which turned to be known as the McAlister’s Estate. After their overseas trip, this family, then renamed the estate ‘Engadine’ after an Engadin Valley found in Switzerland. The wildflowers at that valley and the surrounding national parks had been reminiscent of the hills and the valley in Engadin. Mr. Charles McAlister subdivided the land sometime after the year 1900. He went on to dwelled in Engadine but then moved later on to Cronulla, wherein he died in the year 1915. Furthermore, the place was initially settled for cropping land, Engadine and soon turned to be the destination for day-trips and camping from the inner- suburbs in Sydney.

Quintessential Plumbing Service in Como, Cronulla, Dolans Bay and Engadine

Quintessential Plumbing is giving service to every type of plumbing service inside your house from the faucet repair to the water heater change to gas line set-up and repair. In Quintessential Plumbing, we are training our technicians so we can meet the needs and give our best service to our customers. The trouble of going through those leaks, extra costs gained that were not included in the monthly funds and the pain of going by those emergency situations may feel overwhelming. Now, your job is to just find a company whom you can depend on, trust, and one who will not take advantage of the circumstances. Our company was established in the thought of helping out to the customers, and giving that warm and safe in your heart to have us in your home. We are hoping to hear from you if you have any plumbing problem and we are also looking forward to making a connection with your family and friends too.

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