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It can be reached by the passenger ferry from the Cronulla or by the road through Royal National Park coming from Waterfall or Sutherland. National Park Ferry Cruise and Cronulla gives the regular ferry services in between Cronulla and the Bundeena. The quay at Cronulla has been situated on Gunnamatta Bay, close by the Cronulla railway station. The Ferry trips differ from 20-30 minutes and depending on the climate. Lots of people with the Bundeena drive going to the railway place at Sutherland, since this is only 25-minutes drive as opposed to the 30 minutes of using ferries to Cronulla, then the 15-minute trip to Sutherland by train.


The name or word Burraneer Bay has been recorded by the surveyor in 1827 Robert Dixon as Burranear Bay and chose lots of Aboriginal names for lots of the bays within the area. It’s popularly thought to mean the point of a bay, and this is possibly because of the over-reading of the 1890 report of Richard Hill. The small crowd of shops is situated on Woolooware Road. Then another group of stores is situated close by on the Burraneer Bay Road, in Woolooware. The Burraneer Bay Public Sch. is officially situated in Woolooware and the Burraneer Marina Bay is situated on Burraneer Bay.


Caringbah is one Aboriginal word from a Kumbainggar language for the pademelon wallaby. Its suburb was initially named as Highfield, but it’s not clear whether this has been the position description or this was named after the early resident. Caringbah has been used from 1911, right after a steam tram started operating in between Sutherland and Cronulla. Most of the places around Miranda and this Caringbah had been used in the market gardening from 1880s. Caringbah was being used for farming and orchards until after the World War II. A railway line going to Cronulla introduced in 1939 and Caringbah features the mixture of commercial, industrial and residential areas.

Caringbah South

The Caringbah South was initially a part of the Caringbah however it had been declared a separate town in the year 2008. There is the memorial fountain or spout of Elizabeth Batts Cook she is the wife of Capt. James Cook, at the Caringbah South in E. G. Waterhouse Nat’l Camellia Garden. The Caringbah South had the number of the heritage-listed sites with 44-46 Fernleigh Rd., Fernleigh, Caringbah South. The Caringbah South is the little district, mostly made up of small industries, specializing in the professional services. The small group of restaurants and cafés are situated on the Port Hacking Rd South opposite the Caringbah Public School.

Quintessential Plumbing Service in Bundeena, Burraneer, Caringbah and Caringbah South

Whether you are looking to make preventative maintenance, or you are already facing that plumbing emergency, the Quintessential Plumbing Service is here to give that diversity of the finest-quality plumbing services from all over Sydney that will surely fit your plumbing needs. With the knowledgeable and experienced plumbers and with the recent equipment plus affordable prices, Quintessential Plumbing is one of the usual favored plumbing companies for repairing any of your plumbing troubles at homes.

Even though the homeowners have not been always aware of the significance of plumbing in their house, making sure that the systems remained intact and functioning properly is what is important. At Quintessential Plumbing Service, we are sure that all our plumbing services are the best to keep your home secured from ruining foundations, septic leaks, fungal growth, and with any other hazardous situations.

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