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Bellevue Hill

The place is a wealthy harbor side of the eastern suburb in Sydney, Australia, in New South Wales and located of the east of the central business district in Sydney. The suburb is situated in the wealthiest place in Australia. This suburb had long been the home to the most notable billionaires in Australia.

In the year 2018, Bellevue Hill had been discovered as the most costly suburb in Australia, while in 2019, the place was identified as one of Australia’s wealthiest suburbs, and with one of those highest taxable income average earners in the country.


Bondi,” originally “Boondi” was an Aboriginal word that has the similar meaning as the “surf” word in English. Beyond Bondi’s beachfront strip, lies the village of cafés, Campbell Parade, designer shops and restaurants, and the locals normally dedicated their whole weekend to this “Bondi Bubble” with the limitless accommodation alternatives including the high-end hotel of QT Bondi.

The unrecognized Bondi is even more than just the quality surf and the golden sands because you can walk to Sydney’s popular Bondi going to the Coogee coastal trail, or take that lesser identified route to the Watsons Bay. You can also have a taste of the best restaurants in Bondi and experience to surf, swim, to chill out on their grassy knoll and enjoy festivals. Indulge with the designer threads at Gould Street and find out handmade wares and fresh products at Bondi markets.

Bondi Beach

There are lots of reasons why you will love the most famous beach in Australia and the Bondi Beach is situated in the east of the central business district in Sydney. It has a total resident population of 11,656 and this Bondi Beach has been the most drop in tourist spot in Australia.

Bondi Beach had been long the center for attempts to fight indecency with regards to beach attire. The Bondi beach was the focal point of 1907 bathing costume protests in Sydney that was organized to oppose suggested dress standards for the beach goers. Bondi Beach is symbolized in one of those famous sporting contests across Australia. The many annual activities in Bondi Beach are Flickerfest, being the final point of their Fun Run, World Environment Day, Winter Magic Festival, food marketplace every Saturday and the Bondi Beach Markets that is open to everyone every Sunday.

Bondi Junction

It is a largely business area that has undergone lots of changes during the late of the 20th century. Lots of major residential and commercial developments are there around the surrounding areas and the main street, and notably the new rail/bus interchange and big shopping mall. There are lots of original pubs that have been maintained, especially the Nelson Hotel, that is named because after the Nelson Street location.

Bondi Junction with the nearest areas is well known for the famous rugby league group the Sydney Roosters. The team’s clubhouse is located centrally in the Spring Street in Bondi Junction. Bondi Junction presents high density developments in residential close to their commercial center and with low density housing more away and Bondi Junction is the fifth largest industry district in Sydney.

Quintessential Plumbing Service for Bellevue Hill, Bondi, Bondi Beach and Bondi Junction

If you are searching for some Plumbing services in Australia, you have landed into the perfect place. At Quintessential Plumbing Services, we’re the leading plumbing company. All our plumbers are working very hard to give the highest degree of workmanship in the plumbing industry.

Our service rate is fair enough to our services as compared to our competitors. We give an-hour response to every gas call of customers with guaranteed workmanship. The service charges are totally satisfied and transparent. We provide our best possible commercial and domestic maintenance and also emergency plumbing services.

Our services are extended to the wide ranges and include lots of services with boiler repair, heating, gas services and drainage. Just contact us with any plumbing services that you will need.

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