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Traditionally blue collar, the Balmain was where the industrial roots of a trade unionist movement started. This area, Balmain was the share granted to colonial medical doctor, William Balmain, Ph.D., made in 1800 through Governor John Hunter. It has been established in Australian operational history and class culture, because of it being the place wherein the Australian Labor group formed in 1891, its status and social history is of high national significance to mutually New South Wales and Sydney. Now, the ALP competes with this Australian Greens for supporting prominence in Balmain, also, Jamie Parker of Greens holds this State seat in Balmain.

Balmain East

Balmain initially settled in 1836, then, by 1861 this had been alienated into the well occupied eastern parts of Balmain and those sparsely occupied western parts, extending to the Callan Park gates. The small peninsula which jutted out from this main Balmain Peninsula, next to which the major artery lane Darling Street ran, had been known to the natives for decades since either “The East End” or “East Balmain” and usually encompassed the part east of the Hart St and also Balmain Bowling Club. The dividing boundary was initially the normal swamp that was domesticated early during the early of the 19th century. While the area was always almost referred to as the East Balmain by the locals, this was still generally observe as just the name for the eastern peninsula of suburbs, in the same means in that Birchgrove had been the title given to the part of Balmain that include Snails Bay.


It has the mixture of residential, commercial and light industrial areas. The small shopping strip has been situated along the Burwood Road. Based on the 2016 survey, there were more than 6 thousand residents in Belfield. More than 50% of residents had been born in Australia while the other countries of birth had been China, Lebanon, South Korea, Italy and Greece. Since there is a residential mixture, it has also a number of houses of worship, a small crowd of bistro, shops, post office, and the hotel is situated on Burwood Road, close by the intersection of the Punchbowl Road. This Belfield area has been renovated with new apartments, shops, bakery and cafe.


The long waterfront gives views of a Parramatta River with the Cockatoo Island ruling the foreground. This is considered as one of the richest suburbs of Sydney and thanks to the harbour frontages. Birchgrove was labeled after Birchgrove House, constructed by Lt. John Birch, the paymaster in 1812 of the 73rd brigade. He added the word ‘grove’ to his family name when naming a house because of their large quantity of orange trees that were on the previous site. The dwelling place was made of stone thought to have been dug up on the site.

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