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The word “Allawah” is Aboriginal within its origin, from the local word meaning ‘makes your remains here’ or ‘abode here’. It is considered that this Aboriginal clan most famous in the St George area, the Kameygal or Gameygal – the citizens of Kamay dwelled in and around an area. The primary land grant was created in 1808 to Capt. John Townson by Maj. George Johnston right after he had temporarily deposed Gov. Bligh in 1808, with the 1950 acres, that became famous as the Farm of Townson. The grant completed from King Georges Lane and Stoney Creek Lane) to further than the Kogarah railway station. Afterward, the added 250 acres going to the north have been granted right after Townson protected about the value of around 300 acres of this grant.


Arncliffe is the mostly residential place that featured semi-detached and low density detached houses and mostly medium density town homes and also blocks of flats. Some areas of light industrial and commercial developments are also there. The name came from the little village named as Arncliffe in the North Yorkshire, England. This name appeared in the Domesday Tome in 1086, to be ‘Arneclif’, which means Eagle Cliff. William Hirst made the village known as Village of Arncliffe Estates in 1840. Hirst was born at Settle, Yorkshire place and Settle is the market town providing the cluster of subdivision of which Arncliffe has been reputed as the prettiest. Rathbone said that it’s likely that Hirst provided Arncliffe its name, even though it was even more than 2 decades just before it took the official recognition.


This is named for a certain Joseph Banks, the botanist on Voyage of the Discoveries of James Cook someone that visited the close in 1770 by Botany Bay. The town was part of the land possessed by Simeon Pearce with his sibling James Pearce in 1850 that extended until Brighton-Le-Sands from Rockdale. Until the late 19th century, the place was heavily wooded but the residential development began in the 1880. One of the head developers was a Parliament Member, Frederick Jamison Gibbes, after whom Gibbes St. in the suburb was named. The area urbanized, more rapidly right after a railway station exposed on October 21, 1906. Lots of labels for the suburb had been suggested, but the last choice was David George Stead, the father of the novelist Christina Stead and they opened the post office in August 1924.

Bardwell Park

The park was named right after the free colonizer Thomas Hill Bardwell, someone that owned the land in that area. The grant was initially heavily wooded and bordered by Wolli Creek, Wollongong Road and Dowling Street. In year 1881, the land has been auctioned and the 1,600 acres have been subdivided. The railway base opened on September 21, 1931 which started up the place for home sites. Their school commenced in September 1943, while the post office started on May 1946. Until 2016, this was the only town in Sydney that does not have traffic lights. But, due to so many road happenings at Slade Road and at the Hartill-Law Ave. Intersection, which proved also to be a danger to pedestrians, and also to community action that has been faced with on-going delayed from then Rockdale Council, the traffic lights were finally installed and was turned on August 11, 2016.

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Quintessential Plumbing Service staffs are all well experienced and knowledgeable in both trade and residential plumbing systems and with the different issues that may occur in both. So if you have any questions, you can always speak to any of our customer service representatives, so give us a call now!

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