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Abbotsford is bordered by Collingwood City, Clifton Hill and Richmond and separated from Kew through the indirect Yarra River. Some well recognized Abbotsford landmark includes the Dights Falls, Skipping Girl Sign, former Collingwood Township Hall, Abbotsford Convent and Victoria Park Football Arena. Abbotsford has been designated as one of those 82 Major Activity Centers being listed in the 2030 Metropolitan Strategy Melbourne. Abbotsford takes the name from the land of John Orr, and in turn is called after the ford in the Tweed River in Scotland, used by Abbott Melrose Abbey. Ever since the WW II the place had been quite ethnically diverse. Abbotsford is the home to Carlton & United Breweries a company that produces Victoria Bitter & Foster’s Lager. Its malt smell of mixing often fills the neighboring area.


Major George Johnston arrived on First Fleet craft Lady Penrhyn that brought criminals from England to Australia. He was granted with 600 acres of land in that place around Stanmore and Annandale which then known as the Johnston’s Bush. Then, he later called it Annandale right after his birthplace Scotland, UK, the Annan. His name is recalled in Johnston Lane, Johnston Street, Johnston Bay, and Johnston Creek. Johnston and Esther Abrahams, his wife one of the Lady Penrhyn convicts, farmed the property together with their children. These people built the fine residence named as Annandale House in the year 1799, and some distance way back from the Parramatta Road. This has been demolished in the year 1905, even though the previous gates were conserved and rebuilt on the grounds of the Annandale Public school close by Johnston Street.


The place is mostly residential which had no commercial centre, even though had been some little shops on the King Street. The major landmark is the Peace Park, its highest point in Canterbury local administration area. Ashbury took its name from their two adjoining suburbs Ashfield and the Canterbury. This is close to the Canterbury Park Racecourse. Before the colony of British in Sydney, the area Ashbury had been home to the Cadigal and the Wangal people, the clans of Darug tribe. After the pressure from the colonists, the British management started subdividing the land in the areas surrounding the Sydney settlement and then granted it to the colonists.


The population of Ashfield is highly multicultural. The urban density is fairly high in Australia, together with the main of the area’s living being the mixture of majority post-war and low-rise flats or the apartment blocks and the Federation-time detached houses. Among them was the number of the grand Victorian buildings which offered the hint of Ashfield’s wealthy cultural heritage. While it was never noted industrial suburb, this Ashfield had some significant industries. On the Parramatta Road, close to the Frederick Street was an Australian Six motor auto factory that inaugurated in 1920. The place later turned as an AWA factory making radio valves and some other components.

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