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The waterfall was the town constructed by rail staffs, who constructed the line to Wollongong from Sydney during the late 19th era. This is the uppermost point in line, with the steep rising slope in an end, and the falling gradient at the other end, sidings were given in mutual directions to permit the freight wagons to become shunted and stowed. Waterfall taken its name from its waterfalls near the railway terminal and the southern boundary of Royal National Park, the McKell Avenue, has been initially named as the Waterfall Lane. This Waterfall State Sanitorium has been established in the year 1909 for the cure of patients with tuberculosis.


The place was initially a thickly wooded area, with the mangrove swamps about the Woolooware Bay. The place was later reclaimed to make playing fields and parks with Endeavour Field, Cronulla Golf Course and Woolooware Golf Course. This place was subdivided after a railway line to the Cronulla from the Sutherland was commenced in 1939. Its first ever, public school started in 1951 and their post office started in October 1954. This Australian department of Taylor Woodrow, the British construction company, constructed the first ever subdivision with the project houses in Australia in the north Woolooware, with the classic red brick houses on Taywood Street.


‘Woronora’ is one Aboriginal placename. The records showed that the name spelling has varied since its initial appearance during the 19th century, and the first ever being Wooloonora in 1827. The name was initially applied to Woronora River, the tributary of the Georges River, just before being handed to a hundred, the electoral district, the local lane east of that river, and lastly the town itself. The Aboriginal idioms known differently as Eora, Dharug, or merely ‘the Sydney Language’ were spoken around the Woronora during the time of the colonisation. The lists of the Dharug words that gathered about a turn of this century give the number of possibilities with regards to the number of morphemes, likely the constituents of this placename.

Woronora Heights

The heights had been bound in the westside by Woronora River, the peak of the escarpment at the northside and at the Drainage Board and the MWS or Metropolitan Water Sewerage pipelines in the south and the east. Also, the Woronora Reservoir is being considered as one of the resources of water supply of Sydney. There have been different protests organized related to the proposals to commence the fire trail connecting the Woronora Heights to Woronora valley going to the north through traffic. While there are some residents that want a trail to be unlocked to the general traffic, the majority of the residents in the Woronora valley and the Woronora Heights want to conserve the fire trail to use during emergency access.


The history of Yarrawarra suburb can be availed at the Sydney Yarrawarra page Dictionary, contributed by the Sutherland Shire Library, the local studies librarian, and the summary of which followed. Prior to the Yarrawarrah being identified as the suburb by the Geographical Names Board during 1971, the place has been identified as the North Engadine. Mr. Charles McAlister, the pioneering developer of the Engadine place took up the primary parts of the crown land during 1887, likely accessed for sale because of the unlocking of the Illawarra railway line going to the Waterfall earlier during 1886. The primary residents of the place consisted of the homecoming of soldiers with their families after the WWI in 1920.

Yowie Bay

The label for this waterway Ewey Bay initially appeared in the 1827 map through the surveyor Robert Dixon. Since Dixon had named other localities around the Port Hacking with an Aboriginal name, it’s presumed that Ewey was also Dixon’s recording of Aboriginal name too. The land in the place was announced as the Weerona Village in 1889. This Yowie spelling initially emerged around that same time. In that 1890 newspaper letter for the editor, Richard Hill stated that the Yowie meaning was “Cooee”. Pertaining to the Yowie Point, he states that “the blacks, when going north, made the habit to make cooey to their friends at the north side, and these have been brought over in canoes.

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