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Major Francis Grose transmits workmen to the place in 1793 in clearing out the plant corn, wheat and the bush. He named the place as Peters-Ham / Petersham right after the inborn village in England, Surrey. Petersham remained the agricultural area, winning the awards for most of the finest crops and stocks in 1803 in the colony. The Kangaroo hunting had been famous also in this place. The name was used for their surrounding parish also. The original post office in Petersham became Annandale during 1855. Then another post office introduced in May 1860 as Norwood and was transferred to the Petersham station during 1870 and their first public school commenced in 1878.


The place sits on the peninsula in between the Homebush Bay and the Bray Bay at the southern bank area of the River of Parramatta and has been situated around 3 kilometers from Stadium Australia, Bicentennial Park and the Millennium Parklands, the Sydney International Aquatic Center and the Sydney Olympic Park. The pedestrian, transport and emergency, and cyclist services Bennelong Bridge comes from Rhodes to the Wentworth Point introduced in May 2016. Its eastern section, the east of Concord Lane is predominantly solo family detached parkland and houses. This features the two residential streets, Llewellyn Street, and the Cropley Street, which front the River Parramatta.

Rodd Point

The place is named after a Rodd family had contributed to the place for almost a hundred years and it includes the land bought through Brent Clements Rodd from the estate of Five Dock Farm in 1836. This Rodd had the big family of 12 kids and lots of the local streets there are being named after Rodd family members. While the Barnstaple Road took the name from the Barnstaple Manor, the family home of Rodd which in turn take the name from the place of birth in Britain. This Rodd Point memorial within Rodd Park was initially the Rodd kin mausoleum. The corpses were transported in 1903 at the Rookwood Cemetery.


The name Rozelle Bay and Rozelle were taken from the parrots discovered in abundance at the Rose Hill close by the Parramatta, the primary suburb of Sydney, founded as the prime farming place for the current colony. Also, the parrots in abundance in their inner west Bay place of Sydney were usually named as “Rose-Hillers” or “Rose Hill parrots” then Rosella. In 1892 of December, prior to the beginning of the current post office, while the Postmaster-General stated Rozelle as the latest name for the post office in Balmain West. The latest Rozelle post office introduced in 1894 and during the early 1900s, mutual suburb itself and the local residents had embraced the name.

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The plumbing services and repairs at Quintessential are at the top notch and are performed with much care. The Quintessential goal is to become your most trusted plumber of preference in Mortlake, Newington, Newtown and North Strathfield. Every Quintessential Plumber is experienced, highly trained and are all professional in dealing with any kind of plumbing situation. Our staffs have the expertise, ability, and the tools to handle the biggest commercial plumbing projects, and the same with any smaller residential projects. Phone us now to enjoy our in-home estimate, with the flat-rate, up-front pricing, because no job is really too small for us!

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