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It was named after governor, Lord Augustus William Frederick Spencer Loftus of the New South Wales in between 1878 and also 1885. The railway of Illawarra terminal to Sutherland has been completed in 1885. Then, the next station south side was Loftus Junction and that opened on March 1886. The label was altered to Loftus after ten years and in 1979 this station transferred to the current site. The Tramway Museum at the Loftus in Sydney was constructed in 1950, in the big tram yard shed next to the rail tracked that ran across a Princes Highway to Royal National Park.

Lucas Heights

This Lucas Heights was labeled after Mr. John Lucas Senior, the flour miller that who in 1823 has been granted with 150 acres over the ‘head of the unnamed stream to the Georges River’. He constructed the water-driven mill of grinding corn from an Illawarra farm and the small ships sailing up the shore into Botany Bay, the Woronora River and the Georges River. Lucas Heights had been arguably most notable since the place of ANSTO or Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization research organization initially made by the Atomic Energy Commission of Australia and house to the significant research nuclear reactor of HIFAR.


It means waterhole or deep tank in Gamilaraay language. The label primarily pertained to the place of the local marine fish hatchery and was possibly selected by the Royal National Park Trustees. The areas of the suburb now we’re famous as Fisherman’s Bay Estate and the Sand Spit Estate up to 1951, when the Sutherland Shire Council formally called as minibar. In the Census of 2016, there were about 505 inhabitants in Maianbar. Around 83% of the people were Australia born citizen and there is one shop in the Maianbar that sells a small diversity of goods. There has been the little community hall, local park and the Rural Fire Brigade terminal.


Menai is named right after the Menai Bridge, the town on the Menai Strait situated in Wales. The place now called as Menai was initially named Bangor in 1895 through the owner of the land, the farmer known as Owen Jones, after the birthplace Bangor in the Wales. To shun from confusion with the Bangor in Tasmania, their Postmaster General’s Office altered the suburb label in 1910 to Menai. Menai Bridge in the Wales, lying reversed Bangor on Menai Strait. When the Menai expanded, their eastern part became Bangor again. Their suburb had been affected by the bushfires on some occasions, with the Eastern seaboard fires in 1994 and the Australian bushfire season 2017–2018.

Quintessential Plumbing Service in Loftus, Lucas Heights, Maianbar and Menai

Essential to kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and more, is the plumbing that makes life easier. The rooms, like the bathroom and the kitchen may be instantly beautified and improved with the addition like new sink or the new shower.

But plumbing can rapidly and turn you inside out if something is not doing well. Even with the smallest leak inside the faucet may cause water waste, the higher water bill, with the problems like mold and rust. When you are living within the surrounding area of Sydney or you are living in Sydney, you can always count on with Quintessential Plumbing Services that will meet every plumbing need of your home and company. From the standard home services up to the full-blown emergency plumbing, the Quintessential Plumbing Service will get your home in Sydney back in shape.

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