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They took the name in 1834 coming from the administration of the German-born businessman, Joshua Frey Josephson, who then later became the Sydney mayor. The estate has been named after the London borough of the Lewisham that means Leofsa’s manor or village. The primary residents of Lewisham area were a Cadigal clan of Darug tribe. The artifacts discovered near the River Cooks indicate about 7,000 years of habitat in the local place. When the Primary Fleet came in 1788, the colonizer set up camp within the core of the Cadigal territory. While the primary governor Arthur Phillip attempted to establish cordial connections with the Cadigals also their neighbors, the two teams were competing for similar food tensions and sources inevitably developed.

Liberty Grove

The place is located between Homebush Bay Drive going to the Main Northern Line and the west railway side to the east. This is surrounded by a suburb of Rhodes in the north and to the east & south, the Concord West and allocates with the similar postcode by 2138. This Liberty Grove development succeeded in the Urban Development Institute in 1999 of an Australia award for superiority. The settlers initially arrived in January 1793 in the area and started farming in the ‘Liberty Plains‘. Throughout the 1900s and this became one of the industrial areas. But, much of the adjacent industrial place around the Homebush Bay had been totally transformed as the section of the Olympic precinct development in the preparation for the 2000 Sydney Olympics.


The place is nestled between the towns of Rozelle, Leichhardt and Annandale and is bordered to the west through the Iron Cove. Initially the working-class area, now Lilyfield like lots of the inner-city towns is becoming ever more gentrified. The property investors, keen to capitalize on a town’s proximity to the CBD of Sydney, have purchased lots of the initial workers’ cottages to develop or renovate. Although mostly middle class, a suburb still retained some of the working-class roots, just like the neighboring towns, is home to the people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.


This is a culturally varied suburb that consists of both high and low density residential, light industrial and commercial areas. The original name of the area is Bulanaming and their traditional landlord of the land was the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation. The word Marrickville came from 24.3 ha ‘Marrick’ estate from Thomas Chalder that has been subdivided on February 24, 1855. He then named it after the native village Marrick, at North Yorkshire, in England and the estate hub at the intersection at Chapel Street and Victoria Road. The publican of Marrick Hotel, William Dean, in Illawarra Road that is now a site of Henson Park Hotel has been credited by adding the word “ville” to Marrick during that time that it has been gazetted in 1861.

Quintessential Plumbing Service in Lewisham, Liberty Grove, Lilyfield and Marrickville

Everything from the watering of your yard, washing clothes, installing the water softener, and the flushing of the toilet are all requiring plumbing system. Our daily lives are all depending on the plumbing, and our plumbing should be properly working.  We at Quintessential Plumbing is offering services for clogged and smelly drains, kitchen/bathroom plumbing, sewer lines which are in need of repair, water filtration systems such as the reverse osmosis systems, electric and gas hot water heater, water softener installation, and a lot more! There are lots of different types of your plumbing issues and needs that we can cover all for you. Just give us a ring and we will make a deal with your plumbing needs.

Emergency Plumbing
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Emergency Plumbing
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Quintessential Plumbing,
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Inner West of Sydney
Inner West emergency plumbing includes Lewisham, Liberty Grove, Lilyfield, and Marrickville serviceable areas. Reach out to us if you have plumbing issues.
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