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It lies to the direct west of the Randwick Racecourse and south of the Moore Park. The principal signpost of Kensington suburb is University of the New South Wales the main campus, NIDA or the National Institute of Dramatic Art, and the private Australian Golf Club. The Kensington is a residential suburb near to Sydney CBD. Colloquially, Kensington pertains to as the “Kenso”, “Enso” or “Ensington”. Kensington’s streets are being named after the local people, local flora and the places in London, but very few Aboriginals are living in the Kensington today.


This is the largest suburbs in the area being governed by the Randwick City Councils in both the population and the area and the Maroubra Junction is the locality in the hub of the suburb. Maroubra is the local Aboriginal word indicate place of thunder. During 1861, the first home was constructed in the place by Humphrey McKeon. The number of the other settlers came on the land during 1870 to do with the wool cleaning works situated at the northern border of the bay. Maroubra has some big parklands, the most famous being the reserve down along the Maroubra Beach waterfront known as Arthur Byrne Reserve. This reserve has an encircled children’s playground going to the blue Pavilion building in the North Maroubra, closer to a car park.

North Bondi

It is mostly residential area nearby Bondi Beach and a suburb of Bondi, and also at Bondi Junction, commercial center. Since 1908, the North Bondi had been signified in one of the most popular sporting contest in Australia, National Rugby League, through the Sydney Roosters, formerly known as Eastern Suburbs District Rugby League Football Club. Ben Buckler is the locality in the North Bondi. The Bondi is the Aboriginal word which means water breaking over the rock. It had been spelled in a number of many ways over time, Bundi, Boondi, Bundye. The Aboriginal rock carvings may be still be witnessed on the rocky surface in between the sewerage airing shaft near the Bondi Golf Course with the cliff.


This is the inner-city area in Sydney and it lies across the two local government vicinities. The portion south on Oxford Street lies in Sydney City, while the north portion of Oxford Street rest within the Woollahra Municipality. This is usually colloquially referred as “Paddo”. The Paddington is surrounded to the west side by Darlinghurst, up to the east side by Woollahra and the Centennial Park, to the north side of Rushcutters Bay and Edgecliff while to the south side by Moore Park. Paddington is a largely intact and a rare example of the early Victorian housing suburb. The unique qualities can be credited to the close proximity into the city, the process of growth and subdivision of the early land grants, the topography of the harbour location, and the short era during the late 19thC wherein it was mainly built out.

Quintessential Plumbing Service in Kensington, Maroubra, North Bondi and Paddington

Whatever your problems will be, the Quintessential Plumbing Service is the one you can trust on for help. From the clogged pipes to the toilet repair, if you are in need of a plumber, we have the most experienced, professional and the highly trained team that will look for the cause of what your problem is all about and it will fix for you.

We are aware of having a plumber that you can trust on and will you will call when you are in need of their service – and we, we are striving to go more than your expectations so we can get that trust each time we will visit you. All of the company engineers are registered in Gas Safe, have bounty of hands-on experiences and skilled training. These engineers are all well versed with all kinds of plumbing systems with the wide range of contractors.

We, at Quintessential Plumbing Service would love to have a talk with you about the plumbing maintenance that you need. We can be bale to send out the plumber to your site right away to transact with any repair requirements in your plumbing system. Contact us today, for your expert plumbing maintenance and repairs and for guaranteed satisfaction service.

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