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Five Dock

Roughly lies at the southern end or the foot of Drummoyne Peninsula. Even more accurately, Five Dock rests in between City West Link Lane and Road Parramatta to the south, while Hen and the Chicken Bay, on Parramatta River, down along with suburbs of Russell Lea and Wareemba, to the north. The Rodd Point rest of the east and the Haberfield connect Five Dock to southeast. The Iron Cove creates the small area of the town’s eastern boundary. Croydon and Ashfield lie on another part of Parramatta Lane, to the south. Concord and Canada Bay suburbs adjoin western boundary of Five Dock. Burwood lies just ahead of Croydon, to southwest.

Forest Lodge

This is an inner, small city suburb in Sydney. The historic points of concentration include the Chapman Steps and Forest Lodge Public Learning Center. The previous Alexandra Hospital is just past in the southern border in the Camperdown and Glebe Urban Hall is just above the eastern border of the suburb in Mount Vernon St., Glebe. Their Forest Lodge Hotel had become an institution within the area, calling multitudes of families and students alike. The Forest Lodge is home to the city mortuaries of Sydney. The Forest Lodge was called after the house built in an area by Ambrose Foss in 1836. The house is situated on the current site of Bridge Road until this has been demolished in 1912.


The name was taken from the truth that a land on which this was developed and initially owned by an Anglican Church. This Glebe’ was the land granted of the 162 hectares given by Gov. Arthur Phillip to the Reverend Richard Johnson, the Chaplain of the Primary Fleet, in 1790. During the 19th century, Glebe had been the home to Edmund Blacket, an architect, who had transferred from England. Blacket constructed Bidura, his family home, on Glebe Point Lane in 1858, styling it along traditional Victorian Regency Lines. Blacket also designed the church of St. John on the border of Glebe Point Lane and the St. Johns Road.


It sits south of the Iron Cove that is part of the Sydney Harbour. This is bounded going to the east of the Hawthorne canal, into the northwest through the Creek canal of the Iron Cove and by the Parramatta Road to the southwest. The main lane is Ramsay St. and that point of land which faced Iron Cove, the Dobroyd Point, is the historical region of Sydney. Haberfield had dubbed “the garden town” during the primitive 20th century and retained the well-kept parks, fine Federation-era house with immaculate gardens and the tree-lined streets. The whole suburb is a heritage-listed. This is also famous for its Italian traditions.

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Quintessential Plumbing is knowledgeable and really experienced in both commercial and residential plumbing systems in the different issues and needs that may take place for both. If you have any inquiries or questions that you would like to talk with any of the plumbing experts, just call us or simply fill out the inquiry form and our customer service staff will be glad to assist you in all of the plumbing needs of your company or for your home plumbing needs.

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