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Bronte Beach is placed on Nelson Bay, bordered by the Bronte Park. Bronte gives scenic cliff-top strolling paths south to the Coogee through the Waverley Cemetery which is also north to Tamarama and the Bondi Beach. This cliff-top path tenders views that extend from the south the Malabar, and in the north the Ben Buckler. Bronte is situated around 2.5 km. south of the Bondi Beach.

This suburb had been previously been declared as the finest of the 641 suburbs in Sydney. Bronte has an essential surfing culture. In 19013, a club was founded, Bronte Surf Lifesaving Club and claimed as the oldest in the world, the surf lifesaving club. The yearly event of this long-distance swimming event in the ocean is held every December yearly between Bronte and Bondi Beach.


This is a little beach-side suburb within the eastern suburbs of Sydney. Clovelly is primarily a residential suburb on the Clovelly Bay. The Clovelly Beach is one small beach that is situated on the finish side of this narrow bay. Clovelly Beach was famous with swimmers. This bay is home into one of the primary surf lifesaving clubs from around the globe, Clovelly Surf Life Savings Club, which was established in 1906. Clovelly is being surrounded by suburbs of Coogee (south), Bronte (north), and Randwick (west).

Originally this is called as Little Coogee, then, the name was altered in 1913 to Clovelly. When the pursuit for the new name started, the English seaside city Eastbourne, was suggested. Then, the local progress association president, Mr. F.H. Howe, recommended Clovelly, the name after a village of Clovelly at the Northern Devon coast in England.


The Coogee Bay and the Tasman Sea along with the Coogee Beach rests towards the eastern part of the suburb. This beach is famous among families and also popular for its very safe swimming conditions. Coogee boundaries are created mainly by the Clovelly Road, Rainbow Street and Carrington Road and with the arbitrary lines being drawn to unite these thoroughfares into the coast of the south-east and north-east corners.

The name Coogee had been said to be obtained from the local Aboriginal koojah word that means a “smelly place”. One more version is the koo-jah or koo-chai, both of it means “the smell of a seaweed drying” in a Bidigal language or “stinking seaweed”, but the early visitors in that place from 1820 did never able to exactly confirm what “Coogee” really meant or if this is really related to the Coogee Beach.

Darling Point

This is the harbor side in eastern suburb in Sydney, Australia. This Darling Point is bordered by Sydney Harbour (north), Double Bay (east), Edgecliff (south) and Rushcutters Bay (west). Darling Point, well known for its expensive and desirable real estate, it’s mostly residential and has been regarded and included in the most prestigious and exclusive suburbs in Australia.

What is now known as the Darling Point place was initially called as Eurambi, Yarrandabbi, Yaranabe and Yarranabbi by their local Aboriginal people. This was named as Darling Point to recognize Elizabeth Darling, Ralph Darling’s wife, the Governor of New South Wales.

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