15 Jun. 21

Quick Insite About Water Service Line

The indoor plumbing is one relatively new progress in the human history. Are you aware that it was not until 1927 that The Lodge house had the plumbing installed? Here are some ideas about your water service line.

What you must know about the water service line?

Water Service Line

Certainly, our sewer and water systems are just so common that we’d taken this recent luxury for granted. It is especially important for the homeowners to comprehend the plumbing basics so they can rapidly identify the problems when they occur. And what is the best place to begin than how we can get water into the houses? Now, we are sharing here the essential information with regards to the water service lines.

What is your water service line?

Your water service line takes drinkable, fresh water into the house so it will be distributed by the plumbing system. The system may be confusing for the homeowners since part of it has been private and part of it has been public (and private means, your responsibility). A divider is usually the property line, or wherein your yard met the sidewalk.

Public water service lines – the smaller pipe which extends from the main water main and then runs toward the house. This is a public system part until this reached the property or after your water meter.

Private water line – the moment that the water service lines come on your property (still beneath the ground), it became your responsibility for replacements and repairs.

Water Service Line

Your home also had the sewer line, which transported wastewater (anything which goes down the drain or had been flushed down the toilet) to a sewer main. It is a totally different system than your water service lines.

Water main – this is the primary, large pipe that takes the fresh water to every household in the neighborhood. The main water is naturally buried under the lane and has been maintained by the local water or the municipality authority.

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Signs of issues with the water lines

Any leak within the plumbing system is really a serious problem that will be very damaging and costly to the property. But, the leak in the water service line had been especially risky since a pipe is below the ground so the problem may be undetected for a longer time.

Water Service Line

Common signals of the water line leak will include:

  • Extra green or soggy spots on the front lawn
  • Musty, mold, or mildew smells
  • Water damages to the walls and flooring

What to do with the problem with your water line

When you notice with any of these warning signs, or you have your old house that often had plumbing problems, you must have your water services being inspected ASAP. Because any delay will permit a leak to worsen and will cause more damage.

Here are the 4 recommendations on how you will proceed:

Water Service Line
  1. Once you identify the leak, call the water provider so they will shut off your water meter, or they will close your shut-off valve.
  2. Do not try to fix the broken water line just by yourself. This kind of urgency calls for a professional plumber.
  3. Before you finally dig on the property, be sure you call the one responsible for clearing the utility lines in your area.
  4. Find the plumbing company that gives water line replacement and repair service. Using the advanced methods with equipment, the trenchless will avoid digging up the bigger portion of the property, and will save your money and time with their service.

If for any instances, you suspected that there may be the problem with the water service lines, call your most trusted team at Quintessential Plumbing. We are recommending the best solution to replace or repair your water supply pipes. Have a request of an estimate for your need or you may call us to schedule your appointment.