Level 2 Water Restrictions Now Enforced

08 Feb. 20

Level 2 Water Restrictions Now Enforced

Sydney Level 2 Water Restrictions Now in place

From the 10th  December 2019 , level 2 water restrictions have been enforced by the NSW Government in Sydney, Illawarra region and the Blue Mountains. Did you know Sydney dams are currently sitting at 52.6%, compared to 72.2% time last year. 

Restrictions have been put in place to protect our water supply by NSW Government. The following conditions have been 

  • Operating sprinklers and watering systems have at any time. Residents are allowed to use hand held hoses with a trigger before 10am or after 4pm 
  • Washing vehicles, building and hard surfaces 
  • Fitting new or renovated pools or spaces over 10,000 litres

What happens if you don’t obey the restrictions ? Residents of Sydney region will have penalties of $220 for individuals and $550 for businesses who don’t adhere. 

Our team has designed simple measures you can implement in the home to start saving water.

How much water do you use? 

Two main ways to find out how much water your family uses. 

  1. Read the water meter
  2. Read your Sydney water bill

Monitoring your water usage over time will allow you to understand and track your water.

Change Your Water Usage

Change Your Water Usage

Every household can conserve water and change their daily habits to make a difference to minimise water usage. Simple ways you can help include:

  • Time your showers to be less than 3 minutes, every minute you save 1 bucket of water 
  • Turn the water off when brushing your teeth 
  • Don’t do half loads of turning on the dishwasher or washing machine 
  • Install water efficient tapware in your shower to minimise water.

Using the Half Flush Button 

Using the Half Flush Button

Having control over which button you press on the toilet will reduce your water consumption but also assist to reduce your bills. Installing a modern, water efficient toilet can save you 50L, and $148 per year on water bills. Check your toilet too see how much water you are consuming per flush. Every litre less in a flush will save a family of 4 nearly 6kL and $17.50 each year in water supply charges (based on 4 flushes per person per day and water at $2.99/kL).

Use the WELS lavatory product search to compare the efficiency and flush volume of different toilets before buying.

WELS lavatory product search

Repairing Leaks

Often something that is overlooked in the home as you don’t seem to think that a small drip or leak can cause you to lose thousands of litres per day from a constantly running toilet or tap. If you expect your toilet to have a leak try placing a few drops of food colouring into the cistern and without flushing you will notice the coloured water appearing in areas it shouldn’t!

If you discover a leak in your property or your rental property, call a licensed plumber immediately. Even if they can’t pinpoint the location they will have leak detection equipment to locate secret locations such in walls and beneath the ground. 

Repairing Leaks to address Level 2 Water Restrictions

For Sydney residents and homeowners its our responsibility to conserve water and we all need to play our part. Speak with your friendly team to enquire installing energy efficient devices or locate leaks that have been troubling you. Simply give us a call on 0403 549 598 or make a booking online

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