03 Nov. 20

Billions of Liters from Clean Drinking Water are Wasted Every Day

Every day over three billion liters of completely fine drinking water is being wasted and that is already enough water for the coffee shops to make billion cups of coffee or tea, or even to hydrate the whole population of one nation.

And even though we’re all maybe guilty of using that much water inside our own roof, the truth is, lots of water wastage is happening even before it makes it inside our houses. That is because the network of the water pipes is being riddled with leaks. Through lots of leaks that are happening far-off from our home, it’s really cheaper to leave your water gushing out instead of trying to repair them.

water wastage - drinkable

There are 2 things that everyone must do right away to put a halt to the billions of liters of water wastage every day even if you are not the person wasting it:

1. Place a pressure over the water companies so they will take the actions. Make it very clear being the customer that you are not really happy with the total of water being wasted. You can choose to write a letter, citing moral and humanitarian reasons why they must be working a bit harder to prevent the water wastage and to add to this, you can write a letter and voice out the problem.

2. This option is a thing where we have the complete control over it, and this involves a bit of awareness. It involves spreading a word by getting the others involved too. As one we will make this matter untenable for those water companies.

This awareness must extend into a home. Yes, it is really true that most of the water is wasted just before it reached our taps, however that is not to say that we should not also be aware about the levels that were already using.

water wastage - water leakage

You can use a map to show the areas where the water is really under stress in one area, while also using the map to show the other side which will show the service place of the water and with the water companies in both areas of the map. This map will show the water consumption statistics of the consumers about whose area is more wasteful and who are the least wasteful. When the most wasteful consumers realized that they are dwelling in the place that has been already feeling a strain of the excess wastage of water, they must probably try to cut down on the total consumption of their area. They might try looking at their neighboring areas for some advices about how to limit the consumption and so they can limit the water wastage.

Being aware of the trouble is already half the battle and the other half will be creating your best effort to do something with regards to the problem.

water wastage - leaking tap

How does the water wastage influence the environment?

There’s the tendency to believe that because the water is falling from the skies, and because since most of the surface of the Earth is water, that we’ll never run out of water.

Most of the Earth’s water is salt water (which is 90%). Of the other 10%, most of the water is locked away on mountain tops or in glaciers. Only a little amount of the Earth’s water is accessible and drinkable. Water can be replenished, but if we are taking a great amount of it away just before it can be replenished we’ll run into trouble.

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