Water Damage Sydney - Ways to Minimise Impact

12 Feb. 20

Water Damage Sydney – Ways to Minimise Impact

If you have been in Sydney this week you would have known about the weather, we’re talking about lightning, wind, hail, and – of course – storm water damage. This storm has brought 216 mm of water in the week and according to Water NSW, over the past week water levels have risen 31%, which is a great result for our state. 

As your emergency plumber we are standing by to help, as a homeowner there are ways you can reduce the impact of water damage from storms before wild weather hits. So with bad weather already coming and predicted to hit again our team has come up with ways you can safeguard your Sydney property. 

Water damage Sydney – ways to minimise impact : 

1. Keep your gutters clean

Simple yet so many homeowners forget that gutters are up there so they can do their job when the rain comes down, but if they are full of leaves and other gunk you’re asking for trouble. 

Keep your gutters clean to reduce Water damage Sydney

2. Fix your Leaks 

A small leak in your gutters, roof or downpipes can quickly turn into a much bigger problem and become very noticeable during a huge downpour. At the earliest sign of a water leak make sure you get it repaired as quickly as possible.  

Fix your Leaks

3. Test Your Downpipes with a hose

It is important to check for partial or complete blockages in those pipes or drains. Once the storm hits the water will start to flow quickly and the blockage can turn into a plumbing nightmare. 

Test Your Downpipes with a hose

4. Check your rainwater tank 

Often homeowners forget as part of their storm preparations is to look at the tank, if the pipes are blocked or not flowing fast it can become backed up and overwhelm your gutters. 

Check your rainwater tank

5. Understand your property’s stormwater flow 

Since we have already had the storm have you noticed where the stormwater pools, are ‘rivers’ that form. This information can help you make a decision to changing the yards drainage or clearing some areas of debris. 

Understand your property's stormwater flow Water Damage Sydney

6. Check your backflow

When storms and floods are common it is important to check your backflow as your drinking water can be under threat from water flowing down your pipes in the wrong direction. You may want to consider installing a backflow prevention device and if you have one installed you may need to get it tested. 

Check your backflow Water Damage Sydney

For Sydney residents and homeowners it’s our responsibility to protect our homes from storm damage and prevention is key to minimising impact.  Speak with our friendly team to enquire if your home is protected.. Simply give us a call on 0403 549 598 or make a booking online

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