Plumber fixing Kitchen Sink Blockages

16 Jun. 21

Cause’s of Kitchen Sink Blockages

Many items get put down the kitchen sink daily and it is important to ensure we monitor this to avoid the mess for the plumber. A range of foreign objects such as food and waste scraps, soaps and coffee waste all pass by and build up over time if we do not clear our dishes or empty the waste into our bins.

What can’t go down the sink?

Fats & Oils

Our number 1 issue for causing kitchen blockages is fats, oils and grease. It is second nature to wash off the pots and pans once finished cooking and wash everything down the sink. The large problem with this is that oils and grease harden over time and start to stick to the inside of the pipes, other debris will begin to clog up and cause a major blockage over time.

Fats & Oils as Kitchen Sink Blockages

Coffee Waste

Who loves coffee? Every morning we wake up and enjoy or morning coffee and everyone tends to wash the coffee bean grinds down the sink. With the increase in popularity of home coffee machines the Quintessential Plumbing team have had to rescue and unclog with kitchen sink drains due to the bean waste build up. Coffee grounds can easily mix with other things that come down your pipes and form a very troublesome clog in your kitchen sink.

Food Scraps

Our kitchen sink is the one location in the house whereby we rinse and clean our dirty dishes daily. Who remembers to clean their plate before it goes into the sink? I am sure someone in your family comes into mind right. Now, it may not look like it at first, but these little particles of food will wreak havoc on your kitchen sink. Everyone must get into the habit of putting the food scraps in the bin otherwise you may have a larger issue on your hands due to build up and might cause kitchen sink blockages.

Food Scraps as Kitchen Sink Blockages

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What can go down the sink ?

Water – It is important for everyone in the family home to ensure the only item we can put down the sink is water. Safe for our environment and safe for your kitchen sink, this will ensure you will not have any issues or blockages problems in the future.