9 Reasons Why Your Boiler is Not Warming Up

28 Nov. 20

9 Reasons Why Your Boiler is Not Warming Up

You will need about fifteen minutes to understand that there will be no hot water or no warming after you switched on the boiler. When this will happen, then, sorry to say, you will be having a real unlucky Monday morning.

As you likely know, the boiler problems will result in a life-threatening instance and the carbon monoxide leaks, and so for you to avoid pointing your property and life in danger, act rapidly and phone Quintessential Plumbing to fix the boiler for you.

Here are the causes why the boiler is not warming up:

1. Gas supply to the house is insufficient or interrupted

Nonexistent or low gas supply will surely block the boiler ignition and some reasons are:

  • There can be a supply problem in your home, unfortunately, there is too little thing that you can make about it.
  • The gas meter is probably frozen that will lead to lower gas pressure.
  • The gas valve that would normally unlock to give more fuel can be the cause of the low gas supply problems. If this is damaged or faulty, the gas will not enter a chamber, so a boiler will not ignite.
Gas supply to the house is insufficient or interrupted

2. The boiler power is out

Keep in mind that the boiler needs that slight amount of electricity so it can ignite. The causes of the boiler’s power out might be:

  • Power outage during the heavy snow, strong winds, lightning, and due to some other harsh weather situations;
  • You have changed the thermostat settings manually;
  • You have accidentally switched off your boiler;
  • The breaker had tripped and the circuit had been overloaded;
  • Your home had attained the specific temperature.

3. The boiler timer isn’t working or your boiler doesn’t react to thermostat

The reasons for this might be:

  • An old thermostat that misjudges the temperature sense and cause the ignition problem.
  • When there is a recent power outage or your clocks have changed, this may have reset the boiler to the factory default settings, and which would cause the firing of it at the mistaken time.
  • When the thermostat is being positioned close by the heat source or set too low, the boiler will surely not ignite.

4. Air trapped in the radiator

When you have observed that the most part of radiators is not giving heat compared to the base, then, you possibly have air entrap in them. The manner central heating is working is through circulating hot water by radiators and the pipes. In the end, small pockets of the air develop and since the air is more agile than water, it is rising over the radiator, making it to run inadequately. This will lead to the boiler not firing.

5. Boiler pressure is just too high or too low or when the hot water is switched on or heating

Monitor the water pressure meter on the front of the boiler for any changes. When the pressure is greater than 2, the radiators will need bleeding or its pressure valve had become loose. When you had the boiler, that has been losing pressure, and lower than 1, then, there can be the leak. It can also result from the current radiator bleeding.

6. Faulty diverter valve

When the boiler is functioning, but there isn’t hot water or the other way around, then the problem most likely arrives from the faulty diverter valve. This is functioning like the traffic policeman, leading the hot water flow to either the taps or the heating. Eventually, the usual wear and tear causes a valve to stick.

Faulty diverter valve

7. Faulty boiler burner

If the boiler burnt gases, it gives carbon dioxide, which will clog up a burner, making it to function variably or none at all. Your burner also ages in due time and will also need replacement.

8. Frozen condensate pipe

A condensate pipe is a plastic pipe which drains the acid waste water away from a boiler. At times it is linked to the internal wastewater system, but, normally, it is situated outside. It makes a pipe and a condensate in its susceptible into freezing during winter. The boiler sensor will then identify that there is the stoppage and will stop a boiler to shield the property and the system.

9. Pilot light on the boiler is not firing up or a flame failure

The lead light is a tiny flame in the boiler that will ignite the gas that will then consequently heat the water. If this goes out, there will be no heating and the boiler is not warming up. Most often the cause is the debris that is jamming the jet. On unusual occasions, the draught from the poorly sealed windows or the faulty thermocouple will be the culprit at the back of the light that is going out.

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