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03 Nov. 20

How to Rescue the Lost Drain Rod from the Drain

The lost drain rods

“How to rescue the lost drain rod from the drain?” is the most common query that our team is usually asked, and anyone might find it just amazing to be asked this question. It is really a heart-stopping instance when you lose the rod and grip and descend into the drainage system. A reality check is that accidents are happening all the time, and there is really nothing more annoying than making the drain blockage much worse! Mainly, when you have lost your newly borrowed drain rod or your newly purchased rod.

Why do the drain rods get lost or stuck

how to retrieve - drain rods get lost

The drain rods can be accessed in most hardware stores and DIYs, and they usually give that short-term and rapid solution to the smaller drain blockage for homeowners. While you may do it yourself, it is still suggested to contact a specialist to give the drain rod service, to make sure that the whole blockage is at all safe.

The major reason the drain rods become detached during a drainage clear procedure is that they merely unthread themselves, a rod bought at the bigger builder merchants and DIY houses screws together, and all that beating about in a drain will cause a rod to undo and spin. Unfortunately twisting a rod anti-clockwise will unscrew them and one law of the rod states that it can be a joint halfway beneath the system that initially divides, and it will leave you holding just about three of those six rods that you begin working with.

How to get lost draining rods out?

Here are some of the techniques for removing or taking out the lost drain rods of the system without any need for excavation work, and these are as follows:

  • When the drain rods just misshapen and separated, then, the high-pressure water spurting can well flush all of them out.
  • When the drain rods had unscrewed, they will be retrieved by utilizing the drainage camera, the set of the same rods.
  • When drain rods snapped then, by utilizing the steel root cutting rod along with the retrieving head, then it is really possible to anchor to the offending stuff and then it can be retrieved.
how to retrieve - lost draining rod

All of these above-mentioned techniques for the draining rod had been utilized by the plumbers to get back on the lost drain rod and all that have functioned for us. Each task is really not the same, but the techniques are absolutely worth the try prior to bringing out the costly excavation works. When you are in need of some assistance or help to retrieve the lost drain rods, you are very much welcome to contact Quintessential Plumbing Services any time that you need our service. We cover every area in Sydney, and we can also travel further into where our service is needed in a bit far area. There is no big or small work for our team and our aim is to always give our service to anyone that needed it.