Plumbing Tools and Equipment

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The plumbing tools and equipment’s are performing the tasks necessary to install, repair and clean the pipes. The pipe and the tube cutters make cleaner cuts in the metal and the PVC. The pipe and the tubing reamers removed the burrs from the cut pipes and tubing. The flaring and the swaging tools widened the ends of the copper or with the additional thin-walled metal tube, so a tube can be able to fit inside of the other. The pipe extractors take out the broken threaded fittings and pipes. The pipe freezing and the thawing units freeze the water in the pipe so it may be worked on with no need to turn off the water, plus, the thawing units utilize the electrical existing to thaw frozen pipe without harming the pipe.

If you’re the person who had some knowledge with regards to the hacks of the DIY plumbing, then you should be attentive of the different plumbing tools and equipments, and also their uses. However, if you are the homeowner who is just naive when it deals with the plumbing, even a basic plumbing tool will just look different to you.

Consumers are not asking to have a look what are inside the tool boxes. The focus and the main concentration of the costumers are usually, for the reasons why they called the plumbers and that is, to fix the existing problem, install the new fixture, unclog the drain, and so forth, and that is how it must be.

Below are some of the basic plumbing equipment and tools that the professional plumbers usually have in the plumbing kits. These tools are what they have depend and mastered on daily:  some you may already have heard of, while there are some that maybe not that of familiarity to you.

Basin Wrench

plumbing tools and equipments - basin wrench

It is a handy little guy that is self-tightening, which is also being used to repair or to change the old faucets. The professional grade models arrive with the telescoping shank which holds that 90 degree position to have that greater accuracy.

Channel locks

plumbing tools and equipments - channel locks

It is the other name for the tongue and groove pliers. For lots of plumbers, the channel locks have the large part taken in the place of the pipe wrenches, although the latter is even indispensable to the trade. Lots of plumbers can use the two channel locks in similar time:  one for stabilizing the pipe with another to unscrew it.

Drain Augers, alias Snakes

plumbing tools and equipments - snakes

If the plunger cannot perform the job, it is time to take out the auger.  It consisted of the coiled-up metal cables with the crank that is rotating and pushing the cable in similar time.

Drill & Hole-Making Tool

plumbing tools and equipments - hole making tool

It is an electric machine connected with the auger or the hole-saw that makes holes of different sizes of plumbing pipes and techniques.

Fire-Resistant Cloth

plumbing tools and equipments - fire resistant cloth

Safety is always the main concern when we are working on the houses. Fire-resistant cloths are being used when we are soldering to secure nearby combustible exteriors from igniting.

Faucet Wrenches

plumbing tools and equipments - faucet wrenches

The main function of this wrench is to grasp the faucets firmly, then to turn them in the anti-clockwise or clockwise direction. The wrenches have a fixed and an adjustable jaw to grasp the faucets of many different sizes.

Hole Saw

plumbing tools and equipments - hole saw

The name partly provides this one away. The holes saw was to slice the holes in the wood, masonry, and in concretes.

Hose Cutter

plumbing tools and equipments - hose cutter

The name of the tool is somewhat misleading as its main primary use is for cutting perfect shapes and sizes of copper tubing.

Metal File

plumbing tools and equipments - metal file

It is being used in smoothing out the rough corners once the metal pipe had been cut.


plumbing tools and equipments - plungers

This is the vacuum making the tools used in unclogging the bathtubs, drains, sinks, and the toilets. These had the rubber cup connected to the metallic rod (handle) or the wood. The rubber cup makes the vacuum and it sucks out its clogging debris and supplies.

Pipe Wrench

plumbing tools and equipments - pipe wrench

It is an iconic tool for the worldwide plumbers, and pretty much had been for as anyone can remember and also, as old as this can be. They are still considered as the tool of preference in the multitude of applications. The end pipe wrench is being used on pipes near to a wall. The compound leverage pipe has been for the seized joints, while the offset pipe is the best asset for odd angles and in tight spaces. There are so many different pipe wrenches that are for lots of many different applications, and everyone comes in a much different size.

Rib-joint Pliers

plumbing tools and equipments - rib joint pliers

It is an adjustable tool designed to turn the fittings, nuts, bolts, and pipes. This is also the best gripper.

Tape Measure

plumbing tools and equipments - tape measure

It is a simple gear that all the plumbers own. The metallic measuring tape being rolled inside the plastic, small, compact case is used in measuring the dimensions of the plumbing system and the components.

Pipe Cutters or Tube

plumbing tools and equipments - pipe cutters

This is the wrench and the blade setting used in cutting plastics and metallic (PEX or PVC) pipes and tubes. The head of the tool is normally adjustable base on its tube or pipe width.

Teflon Tape

plumbing tools and equipments - teflon tape

It is the kind of tape, usually in white color, used for securing connections. This tape is a wound on a thread of valves, faucets, showerheads, pipes and some other plumbing systems in making the connections leak proof and tight.

Various Screwdrivers

plumbing tools and equipments - screwdrivers

These screwdrivers are being used to unscrew or screw various connections through the assistance of nails, nuts and screws. The huge varieties of screwdrivers can be availed with the various points of shapes and sizes. The most ordinary screwdriver is the star-&-plus shaped screwdriver.


plumbing tools and equipments - wrenches

This tool is adjustable or fixed, smooth or toothed jaws in an end of the long handle. A diversity of wrenches can be availed in the marketplace depending on the size of the jaw head, handle size, the purpose of usage, jaw head shape, and etc. Some of these wrenches commonly usage are the open end wrench, adjustable wrench, pipe wrench, basin wrench, etc. Wrenches are being used to remove, fit, hold, or turn plumbing fixtures and pipes.


plumbing tools and equipments - washers

This is a flat, simple round disks with the hole at the core which sits inside the showerheads and the faucets. The plastic, metallic or rubber washers are utilized in controlling the intensity of the flow of water by the showerheads and the faucets.

​All these equipments and tools are widely utilized by expert plumbers for the plumbing maintenance, replacement projects and repairs. If you are eager to know the uses and the features of these or the many other complex and basic plumbing equipment and tools, there are professional plumbers that will all be glad to answer and reply to all your questions and queries.

Lastly, the Certified Technician is the most important above all. The tools will not be worthy of just themselves, but, through the hands of that certified person who are fully aware of what they are doing – and is aware of what tool to be used for the best results with any given situation  – they aid to make harsh jobs simpler.  Usually, simpler means quicker that usually meant you are saving money.

The plumbers seemed to be technically apt and good by using just their hands, however, they are also aware how and when to use the appropriate tools. They should navigate a collection of issues, tiny, dank spaces and health hazards to best serve the homeowners with their long-lasting plumbing answer.

Here are the 21 best tools below that we can look for the plumbers to give their best modern service to the homeowners. Let us take a more and a deeper look at every tool, and also why they are in this list of tools.

The Wrenches – there is no tool that is more connected with plumbing than a mighty wrench, and there is no plumbing tool records would be inclusive without it! There is no solo all-purpose wrench, but, so prepared plumbers normally take some to the job site.

Adjustable Wrench

This adjustable wrench loosens and tightened fittings and hexagonal nuts on the pipes. The wrenches come in the diversity of sizes, and plumbers usually have 6- and the 10-inch editions on hand for your next job.

Basin Wrench

This basin wrench is the T-shaped tool plumber used purposely to work on the faucets. This clamp-like device on an end of the wrenches permits the plumbers to reach out into the narrow spaces and tighten or loosen the nuts which keep the faucets not leaking and properly working. Any conversation with regards to the best gears for the plumbers should contain this wrench.

Faucet Key

faucet key

This is not the conventional wrench per se, however, the critical part of the any plumbing tool lists. The faucet key is an X-shaped, small tools designed to close and to open the sillcocks and the spigots. There are flexible model that is available on the marketplace for dealing with the different stem fittings.

Pipe Wrench

This pipe wrench served as the largest wrench for the plumbers. Plumbers use the heavy tools to loosen and to tighten the fittings on the pipework. They normally use these two wrenches together—one is for rotating the fitting or nuts and for holding the pipe in its place in its proper direction. The pipe wrenches come in various lengths, and is preparing the plumbers typically working with the whole set of these gears.

Pipe Work – When you are working as the plumber, the pipes appeared prominently on the list of plumbing tools. The modern plumber uses the variety of technique and tools to replace, install, repair, and alter piping in usually tight and various spaces around the house. 



You likely relate saws with the carpenters only, but the plumbers are carrying a hacksaw for cutting through the variety of hardware, with the screws, pipes, nuts, and bolts. This is hard work and the plumbers need to strongly secure their blades.

Plumber’s Torch

plumbing torch

There are lots of plumber seal coppers piping through soldering it. You needed a heat to solder. This plumber’s torch are handheld, small tools which allow the plumbers to apply the intense heat in the precise areas, soldering with the sealing of the new piping for installations and replacements. This is a must-have for the plumbing tools list.



The plumbers used pliers, like wrenches almost every day. The smaller tools are still the best of the plumbers because they permit the professionals to tighten and loosen the bolts and the nuts that are really small for the wrench to grip. These pliers are also simply fitting in the hand to squeeze by the plumbers into the tight spaces where the wrench won’t fit.

Press Fitting Systems

press fitting systems

Attaching the pipe safely is being critical with any victory in the plumbing project. The IPS or Iron Pipe Size systems physically pressed the connection onto the pipe, making that impermeable seal or connection. They are saving the time and money of the plumbers as time goes by, since the plumbers can make the connections with them with the lesser time than it make in soldering or welding the pipes.

Plastic Pipe and Tube Cutters

When you are a trade expert who deals with the plastic or the copper piping regularly or you possibly with both of them frequently, you are aware that you will finally replace, resize or remove them. There are array of plastic pipe cutters and handheld tube on the marketplace, so the veteran and the novice plumbers alike may select choose which of the models will really work best.

Thread Sealing Tape

This is also called as the “plumber’s tape”. The plumbers used this tape in preventing or patching possible leaks at the threaded joint links in piping. The quality thread sealing tapes is resistant to the low and the high temperatures. This also stretches for the better, form-appropriate coverage, and it never dries out.

Clearing Clogs – There are times wherein pipes are not the problem, but what is inside. Good plumbers are aware that their way around that stubborn clog and that the tools they needed to maintain the homeowner’s plumbing running smoothly and uncongested.

Hand Auger

hand auger

The hand auger is the handheld, circular device that permits the plumbers to drive the cable deep down the drain just in order to clear clogs and break apart via the hand crank. The hand-auger technology had come along means through the years and there had been capabilities and various models in the marketplace for the plumbing expert to take into consideration as part of the plumbing tool lists.


Most of the homeowners own plungers, however, the plumbers must come prepared with them. The trade experts must be prepared with the heavy weight flange and cup plunger that makes importantly, more suction when compared with the normal consumer plunger.

Snake Machine

 snake machines

The snake machine is basically a motorized, larger edition of a hand auger. When the clogs are particularly deep or hard to displace, a snake machine normally had the muscle to cure the situation.

Safety First – Plumbing is not typically linked with danger, but the expert plumbers know that there are means to get hurt with the job. Fortunately, the number of different gears helps to protect the plumbing professionals and then dramatically lower an opportunity of the accident.



Being one plumber will mean closely examining the leaks, soldering, and also other things which may be potentially risky to someone’s eyes. The best plumber is a safe one also. They always arrived at the scenario with the proper eyewear.



The plumbers are exposed to so many things that nobody wanted to touch with just their bare hands. Some of the different kinds of the heavy duty gloves that can be availed in the market may protect the hands of the plumber, allowing them to grip the slippery items easier, and offer the range of other advantages.

Pads / Heat Shields

heat shields

If soldering is already a normal part of your everyday living, then, it is crucial to use the appropriate security equipment to protect the homeowner and the plumber. Complete the plumbing tools lists with the reliable pads and heat shields. They help to keep the plumbers and also the surroundings from fire or heat damage when soldering is essential.

Other Essentials – from the redesigned hardware to the rising technologies which are altering the façade of the plumbing business, there are always solutions and new tools for the plumbing pros take into consideration when looking for their game and get better their business.



Plumbers are used to viewing borescopes as the top-of-line technology in a plumbing trade; however, most plumbers are carrying them now. The small cameras tethered of the flexible, long cable that are meant for inserting far down into the drains and the sewer lines to provide the professionals with the best look at the situation of a piping and whatever can be obstructing it. The smaller plumbing outfits may now use prosumer copies that connect straightly to the Smartphone for that convenience, fast application.



Crimp gears are critical in the PEX-related plumbing, however, the plumbers uses them with the other kinds of piping too. Crimping is combining many pieces of other materials or metals through deforming both or one of them in holding the other. Be sharp when buying the Crimpers for the PEX. The difference between purchasing the costly ones and buying those cheap ones is really substantial.

Plumbing Business Software

The fewer trade experts depend on the pen-and-paper and the clipboard to work out estimations and to scribble out the invoices. Instead, they are armed with the vibrant digital tablet in helping them better sell the services and the products to the homeowners, reduce mistakes, capture payments and streamline paperwork on the spot.

Fittings and the PEX Pipe Expander

pipe expander

PEX piping is considered as one of the latest innovations of plumbing. It’s flexible, resilient plastic piping that offered reliability and unprecedented convenience. The PEX expander is one drill-like tool which widens the pipe‘s mouth so that you may insert the metal fitting. Because the PEX pipe retained the first shape, the mouth closed in on a fitting, making that ideal seal for the water to pass by.

Stubby screwdriver

stubby screwdriver

This might sound basic when compared to the other tools; however, the plumbers must take into consideration the stubby screwdriver to be a must-have with any plumbing lists of tools. This might be one job-saver when the plumbers have to loosen or to tighten the screw in the hard-to-attain place not accessible to the electric or normal screwdriver. Like the traditional screwdrivers, the plumbers can buy stubby screwdrivers with the many Phillips bits or flatheads.

Home Plumbing: The Concealed System or Components Within The Walls

The home plumbing system may seem like the maze of pipes within the walls, but it does not have to be complicated. Have you ever thought how the plumbing system works? Since the plumbing system is concealed in the floors and the walls, it may seem to be a complicated maze of fittings and pipes. Contrary to the famous belief, the home plumbing system can be undoubtedly clear-cut and uncomplicated.

The normal home plumbing system has the three basic parts: the water supply system, the drain system and the fixture and appliances set of lines.

Water Supply System – initially, the fresh water will come inside the home through the major supply line. The fresh water usually comes from one of those two resources; either the private or the municipality well. If the municipality is the one supplying the water, there can be the meter in between the house and the avenue and the normal family of four people using about 400 hundred gallons of clean water each day.

Appliances set of line and the fixtures – right away after a major water supply line comes in the house, this is branching off to its water heater. And from there, it will run parallel with the cold water line and will take water into fixtures and also with the appliances all over the house. The fixtures include the sinks, showers, bathtubs, and the laundry areas. The appliances include the clothes washers, dishwashers, water softeners and the water heaters. Valves and the faucets regulate the water supplies to the fixtures plus the appliances.

Drain System – right the fresh water has been used, the wastewater will then enter a drain system. The waste water will pass by the drain trap; the U-shaped pipe that holds the standing water and then averts the sewer gases from coming in the house. Each fixture inside the house needs the trap. The drain method works with the aid of gravity permitting the waste water to stream downhill by the chain of slowly progressing sets of pipes. These drain pipes are linked to the chain of the vent pipes. These vent pipes give the fresh air to a drain system, thus shunning from any problem that would impede or even put off the drain water from streaming freely; vent pipes will usually be witnessed exiting from the house at the roof vent.

All the waste water finally will reach the major waste line that curves to create the sewer line. This sewer line will then exit the house very close into the foundation. Within the municipal system a sewer line will link to the major sewer line in the avenue. In the rural areas where there has been no waste system; the waste water emptied into the septic system.

When you’re breaking down the three major parts of the home plumbing, it then became less complicated and less overwhelming. When you want the plumbing system to properly function, there is that can be able to handle any type of plumbing breakdowns, such as the assisting you with your need for pipe replacement, earthquake shutoff valves and the sewer repair.


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