5 Common Plumbing Troubles of Old Houses - Emergency Plumber in Sydney

5 Common Plumbing Troubles of Old Houses

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Plumbing issues located in homes generally, the older houses may present some exclusive challenges. Here are the 5 common plumbing problems you may possibly encounter when you live in and managed older properties.

Galvanized pipes – these had been normally utilized within the American houses constructed before 1960’s. The galvanized pipes are being created from the iron materials and then coated with zinc. As time goes by, the zinc erodes that leads to breakages and corrosion. The moment that the pipes are being compromised, quality and water pressure deteriorates. The solution has been normally restored the damaged areas of piping.


Polybutylene pipes – these are very common in houses constructed from the late 1970 up to early 1990 due to their affordability. But, those pipes have the inclination to respond with oxidants in the water over time, making them to deteriorate and fail.


Prior bad repairs – if you will buy an old house, you’re basically becoming the heir from one or even more previous possessors. The quality of the earlier repairs and the plumbing work will therefore be variable. Because of the previous owners staying away from the cost of employing the professional plumbers, it is not strange to locate bungled or inadequate plumbing.


Pipe bellies – the world underneath houses is basically complete static. As time went on, the shifting around will caused the pipes of the house to bow or to buckle, and these bends are recognized as “pipe bellies” which will interrupt its water flow that causes the blockages.


Old fixtures – the original fixtures like the valves, spigots, handles and faucets are normally compromised in the old house, because of years of wear. It may result in bad smells, inflated utility bills, and leaks.



General DIY Plumbing Guidelines


  • Always remember to turn off your main water before trying the plumbing repair.


  • Plumbing is one messy business. Always presume that you may dirty and wet, so better dress appropriately.


  • Tools and preparation are important. Make sure measurements are all correct and you have all the things that you need just before beginning the repairing process.


  • Keep the phone number of the professional plumber in hand just in case things are not going right and you are in need of help quickly.


Plumbing Situation in Sydney

Obtaining adequate fresh water was hard during the early colonial times. The catchment named the Tank Stream resourced water from what’s now the CBD, however, was a bit more than the open sewer through the end of 1700s. A Botany Swamps Scheme has been one of the several ventures during mid 1800s that witness the construction of steam pumping stations, small dams, wells, and tunnels to give service to the growing population of Sydney.

The initial genuine solution to the water demands in Sydney was an Upper Nepean Scheme that came into operation during 1886 and cost more than £2 million. It transported the water 100 kilometers from the Cordeaux, Nepean, and Cataract, rivers and continued to give service about 15% in the total water needs of Sydney. The dams were constructed on the three rivers in between 1907 and in 1935. While, in 1977 a Shoalhaven Scheme transported some more dams in the service.


The WaterNSW manages 11 major dams now:

Warragamba is the biggest domestic in the world that supplies water in dams and the other are;


common plumbing - warragamba

Avon, Blue Mountains Dams, Cataract, Cordeaux, Fitzroy Falls Reservoir, Nepean, Prospect Reservoir, Tallowa, Wingecarribee Reservoir, and Woronora.

The water is gathered from the 5 catchment areas wrapping 16,000 square kilometers and the total storage amounting to 2.6 teralitres and this Sydney Desalination Plant commenced into operation in year 2010.


Interesting Facts of Plumbing with its Rich History

You had never discerned, but the current plumbing is a very interesting story. From the beginning, plumbing had always been the feature of the modern lives that had always been looking to improve. From the indoor single handled faucet to the sprinkler systems, we cannot help but listed out most of the interesting facts regarding the industry of plumbing.

– The consistent plumbing can be traced back around 3,000 B.C. when Indus River Valley society utilized earthen plumbing pipes in giving transportable drain and water wastes.

– When you have that leaky faucet which drips twice in every minute, you can waste over one gallon of water just in a week.


common plumbing - leaky faucet

– The flushing toilet has been invented in 1596 by John Harrington, and this is where “the John” nickname was taken. The toilet is also being named as “the crapper” since Thomas Crapper widely increased the fame of it.

– The word “plumber” derived from a Latin word “plumbum,” that only means “lead.”

– There are 2 different kinds of plungers – the sink/shower plunger and the toilet plunger. The toilet plungers narrows at the bottom part to fit in the toilet, while the sink/shower plunger is flat.

– In the year 1939, Al Moen created the solo-handle faucet which may control cold and hot water in just a turn.

– Insulating the pipes of the house will decrease the cost of heat lost as the water travels from the heater to the faucet. You can run lesser water waiting for the warming and the saving of money on the utility bills.

– The hanging mechanism in the water tank of the toilet is named as ballcock and it directs the water flow.

– The first system of the fire sprinkler has been invented by the British man called as Sir William Congreve. William perforated pipes all along with its ceiling and installed the valve outside its building that would be unlocked to transmit water through them.


common plumbing - william congreve

– The manhole covered is circular ‘caused when they are turned sideways, they cannot fall by their own opening.

– Albert Einstein has been made as an honorary affiliate of the Plumbers & the Steamfitters Union right after he proclaimed that he could be the plumber if he is going to live his existence once more.

– In the technology center of the world, in Japan, there are some urinals that have voice-activated mechanisms while flushing. The urinals responded to some of the commands, like “fire.”

– More than $100,000 had been spent based on the study to identify whether lots of people placed their toilet paper in a holder with a flap in the front or behind it. The answer here 3 out of 4 people had the flap in their front.

– 90% of pharmaceuticals took by the people are being excreted by urination. Therefore the system of the sewer contains the heavy drugs doses. The present study by EPA had found fish that contained traces amounts of estrogen, pain relievers, antibiotics, cholesterol-lowering drugs, caffeine, and also anti-depressants.

– Pres. Richard Nixon had arranged the White House Special Investigation Unit to promote the intelligence leakage in the governmental procedures connected in the Vietnam War. Its convert group members were famously named as the “plumbers.”


common plumbing - richard nixon

– The toilet has been flushed more times in the halftime of the super bowl when compared with any time during that year. There are about 8 million lbs of popcorn, 1 billion of chicken wings, and 28 million lbs of potato chips that really take you at halftime.

– Who are the famous plumbers ever? Luigi and Mario is the answer and they have been around more than 200 games ever since the Mario Bros was made in 1985.


common plumbing - mario and luigi

– King George II from Great Britain died from falling off the toilet on October 25, 1760.


common plumbing - king george II

– The “Bathroom” had been named with lots of different things in lots of different places. Here had been some of the favorite ones that were named to a toilet:


  • Egyptians called it “House of Horror”.
  •  Romans called it “Necessarium for obvious reason”.
  • The Tudors that ruled the England for some period of time named it as “bathroom the privy” and/or the “house of privacy”.
  • The people of France named it as “La Chambre Sent” which means “the smelly house”, that is of course very self-explanatory.
  • Israelis called it as “house of honor” that mostly confuses many people.

– The average person is spending 3 whole years from their life while sitting on your toilet, especially when you bring with you a good book.

– The famous and usually the controversial rockstar Mr. Ozzy Osbourne has been a plumber’s apprentice just before he get himself in the music industry.


General Plumbing Rules That You Should Not Forget

Are you aware that at the Army Corp of Engineers Field Manuscript will give you with that much broad plumbing how-to learn as many costly bookstore DIY plumbing books that are absolutely for free. The truth is, the Chapter 3 had the step-by-step directions about how to repair the plumbing with the pictures. There has even an area on the emergency temporary repair of that tiny in the pipes.


Below are some of the general plumbing rapid tips that you should not forget:


  • Hot on your left side and cold on your right side.


  • Every 2 feet of the building height lowered the water pressure with 1 psi.


  • 1 DFU or (Drainage Fixture Unit) will be equal to 7 and 1/2 gallons.


  • Install plumbing traps and vent pipes or the smell the sewage.


  • To understand the plumbing, you have to understand the initially the fixtures

Lots of people credited the Pied Piper and with saving Europe state from cholera, dysentery, and typhoid, but the actual heroes were the plumbers. He will have gotten rid from the rats; however, plumbing got cleared of the sewage & standing waters which attracted the rats. Its industrial revolution brought the people together in the cities so the rapid living conditions had been deplorable and also with the lack of proper plumbing led into the increase in disease, and so thanked the pipes and the plumbers and not the piper.

The general plumbing will include the variety of projects, starting from the fixing of the leaky faucet to the unclogging of the kitchen sink, from altering the toilet to doing the entire bathroom remodel. Whatever plan that you will be undertaking, bear in mind the rule of universal plumbing: be aware of what you’re doing. Having the knowledge of what is needed to be completed and having the plan will help in preventing expensive, time-consuming troubles from developing.


Here are the different that you must not forget:



General plumbing must start with the good plan

Every repair project or construction must start with the thorough plan which looks in all possibilities. The plan must include the detailed drawing which plumber may look at and be aware what supplies may be needed for a project. You must know what particular tools will be needed to be at hand in making an easy project. The inspector must be capable of looking at it, comprehend with the concept of a project and whether it can meet the code. New renovation plans and building must include who coordinated what with the other contractors. The timing may be as significant as the plan. Nobody wanted to tear out the wall because an electric wire or plumbing were not installed.

Additionally, since the general plumbing contractors have the best plan and every supplies and tools on hand will shun the lag time in a project, because you need to run out, then, take something.


Know the Code

The plumbing code is really very important, since it is just there to maintain the safety of the building occupants. Nobody wanted to go back to that Industrial Revolution era of dysentery. Even the strong-bodied individuals may get sick from the not properly standing water and vented plumbing that will bring to rule number 3.


Proper Venting

When the pipe vents aren’t properly installed, you may encounter some problems. Everybody knows the stuff flows downhill, however, when the vent pipe (at times known as the stink pipe) has been situated too far from a drainage site, the vacuum will take place and those stuffs will not go downward. The proper vent pipes permit the vacuum to become broken and the stuffs to properly drain.


Always use the Shutoff Valve

Every fixture, appliance or faucet that has the plumbing in the home must have the shutoff valve that closes by, for emergency purposes. Always do the leak test. Over damage may take place while you are searching for the major shutoff valve. And, do not over tightened connectors.

Contact the plumbing services if you cannot do the general plumbing by yourself.

Lots of general plumbing works may be that simple for the DIY type, particularly the repairs. Things will get hairy in your bath or the kitchen with the water that spray all over when you do not have the best plan, provide proper venting, know the code, and always include the shutoff valve. Do not wait until you should call for a ride, contact the plumbing service to get the appraisal, and they will fix the plumbing problems rapidly and efficiently and there are estimations with guarantee that are for the projects that are too big.





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