Gas Water Heaters Guidelines

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When you have completed your research about the heating of hot water and you have finally decided to install the gas warm water heaters, you will need to connect in with the gas fitter for installing the unit. The gas hot water heaters is just one of the many options available on the market. The high quality unit may last for the years to come. In making sure that the unit is running smoothly, you have to be sure it is being installed and also serviced by the certified gas fitter. It is mainly important to make sure that the unit still remains under warranty of the service contract.

Gas hot water cylinder


Gas water heaters

The gas fitters played a very significant role in the maintenance of gas hot water cylinder. It is very important that every troubleshooting and maintenance is being performed by the certified gas-fitter and the plumber to make sure that the work is being carried out securely and a unit still remains under a warranty.




The Installation

There are some other parts of gas hot water cylinders that require the plumber and the gas fitter to install. It is very important that the parts are being properly installed as they are making assurance of your safety and also making sure that the units still remains under warranty. The installer is also the one accountable for making sure that the unit performs into the specifications being stated at the data label.

A temperature relief valve has been responsible for making sure that the pressure of water inside the cylinder doesn’t exceed to the specified amount. It is a really very complex part within a gas hot or warm water cylinder and should be installed properly to make sure that it functions properly.

The moment it is installed, a gas fitter may run some tests, then, commission the cylinder of the gas hot water. It includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Check if the gas pipe works have leaks
  • Close every tap as the water flows liberally from it
  • Light a water heater
  • Open all the hot water outlets inside the home
  • Open your cold water isolation regulator fully to your gas water heaters. The air may be forced out from the taps
  • Unlock your gas isolation valve totally

The moment it is installed, the gasfitter can provide you an instruction manual which covers some of the basic troubleshooting; but, if you are ever in doubt, then you may contact the local plumber or gasfitter.

Knowledge Base:

The Maintenance

There are so many gas hot water cylinder forms that are low maintenance. Some parts of the hot water cylinder will require the usual attention to make sure that they are running efficiently. Some of these can be done by you while the others have to be tested out by the experts.

It is suggested that the service takes place at least once in a year, once in every 6 months or once every 5 years.

The yearly service should be completed by the gasfitter and certified plumber and it includes:

  • Check and adjust an inlet gas pressure
  • Clean and check the pilot lights and the main burner
  • Check your igniter, thermocouple and gas control
  • Inspect and flush your expansion control valve (when fitted)
  • Inspect and flush your temperature relief valve
  • Visually check if there is any wear or tear or some other possible issues

The major 5 year service is suggested in prolonging the lifespan of the hot water cylinder, this includes every item above and also some of the few added checks:

  • Continuous flow of gas water heaters
  • Inspect and change a node (if required)
  • It is also suggested that you do the minor side of monthly maintenance, and this doesn’t require the gas-fitter, an instruction of the cylinder will give the detailed instructions about how to complete this.
  • Change the warmth relief valve

And as with your gas hot water cylinder, this is requiring the gasfitter or plumber to install and give service to the unit.


The moment that the gasfitter installed your unit, they will have to commission it in making sure it performed to the required provisions. For the continuous gas hot/warm water heater flow, this may include:

  • Check the pipework if there are leaks
  • Close every tap as the water flows freely coming from it
  • Check your gas pipework if there are any leaks
  • Check and also adjust the preset outlet warmness
  • Check the flow coming from every connected hot/warm water tap
  • Check and also adjust an outlet compensation temperature adjustments
  • Open your cold water isolation regulator fully at an inlet into the water, air may be forced out from the taps
  • Open every hot water outlet in your house
  • Open your gas isolation valve totally
  • Open the hot water outlet
  • Plug in your water heater in the power outlet, then switch on your electrical supply
  • Switch on your controller

In completing your installation, it is important to check the supply pressure of the gas at your inlet to your water heater a minimum tests the point pressure with the utmost point pressure.

The moment it is done, your gasfitter will show how you can operate the unit.


With regards to the general maintenance, there’d been some things that you will do without an input of the gasfitter. This will include the cleaning of the exterior jacket of a unit with the soapy and warm mild water.

The minor maintenance every 6 months are suggested, this may be performed also by you. It may include inspection of the unit if there are any insect infestations and plant growth.

The major service is also suggested every 5 years and this will have to be completed by the gas fitter and the certified plumber and this includes:

  • Check the operation and clean your burner
  • Clean and check the line strainer
  • Checking and also adjusting of the gas pressure
  • Visually checking of the unit if there are any potential problems
  • Inspect all connections

When you can still smell gas at some point, contact the gas fitter first to have the service or some advices.

The company’s gas fitters are all certified in installing and maintaining the gas water heater, just keep in touch with our staff now for that consultation to assess your issue and see how we will be able to help you.

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