Blocked Drain: Early Warning Signs You Need To Know

17 Feb. 20

Blocked Drain: Early Warning Signs You Need To Know

Many homeowners and residents ignore the early signs and symptoms of a blocked drain and wait until their toilet won’t flush or the sink is overflowing and call an emergency plumber. Like many plumbing problems, if you address the early signs before they get worse you can save money and yourself a big headache. Our licensed plumbers have identified three things you should monitor in your home.

S>Slow Drains

A slow-draining sink is one of the first signs you have a blocked drain. Often occurring in a kitchen from food scraps, they often end up down the drain and clogging the pipes. If not attended to in a quick manner the sink blockage will get worse and you will need a licensed plumber to inspect it. Residential blocked drains are a  very common issue for homeowners to ignore and will get pushed back. However, don’t forget this can cause further blockage and get worse. 

Slow Drains sign of Blocked Drain

Toi>Toilet Water Rising 

Blocked drains can affect your toilet and potentially lead to blocking downstream if not located in time. A continued build-up of hair, paper, wipes, or anything that is flushed down the toilet can lead to the toilet being unable to flush causing water levels to rise. If you notice the water in the bowl rising or the flush not draining enough it is recommended to get in touch with a plumber for inspection and investigation.

Toilet Water Rising

Noi>Noisy Pipes

If you can hear unusual sounds from the pipes or a gurgling noise there is a good chance you have a blocked drain. If you can hear or smell your plumbing, something is wrong. Contact a plumber to look deeper into the issue before a bigger issue appears. To find out if you are responsible for the blocked drain wastewater or stormwater problems call Sydney Water, your local Sydney City Council, or speak with a licensed plumber. 

If you notice signs of a blockage occurring, keep an eye on this, and if it gets a worst call a plumber. Blockages don’t occur overnight and the slow build-up can lead to emergency plumbers so always be vigilant and maintain your plumbing in the home. Contact our expert plumbers to book a free drain inspection or make an online booking

Noisy Pipes

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