Types of Bidet and History

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The bidet is the receptacle or the bowl styled to be sitting with a purpose of washing and cleaning the human genitalia (most especially the genitalia of a woman), perineum, anus and the inner buttocks. The modern diversities include the plumbed-in water resources and the drainage opening, and therefore the kind of plumbing fixture themed to the local hygiene regulations. This bidet is being styled to promote the personal hygiene, and it is being used right after defecation, and also before and after the sexual intercourse. In most of the other countries, a bidet has been required by law today to be there in each bathroom containing the toilet bowl. This was initially situated in the bedroom, close by the chamber-pot and a marital bed, however, in the present times, it is mostly situated close by the toilet bowl inside the bathroom. The fixtures that combined the toilet seat with the washing facility contain an electronic bidet.

History of Bidet

History of Bidet

During 1900, because of some improvements in the plumbing services, the bidet and the chamber pot moved to the bathroom from the bedroom, and became more fitted to fill and to drain.

In the year 1928, in the USA, John Harvey Kellogg use for the patent on the “anal douche“. Through his application, Kellogg used the word to describe the method compared to what might be called now a bidet nozzle that may be connected to the toilet to execute anal cleansing together with water.

In the year 1965, an American Bidet Company presented the flexible spray nozzle with warm water option, looking to create the bidet the household item. Its fixture was really expensive, and also required floor space with the installation; it was finally discontinued without the replacement model. During the early 1980s, there was the introduction of an electronic bidet coming from Japan, with the names like Galaxy, Infinity, Novita, Clean Sense, and the non-electric connections like Gobidet. The device had an attachment that is connected to the present toilet water supplies, which will be used in the bathrooms lacking a space for the separated toilet and bidet. There are lots of models that have the added features, like the instant-heating of warm water, heated seat and the night lights.

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Types of Bidet

The Bidet Shower

The Bidet Shower

This types of bidet shower is also called as the “health faucet”, “bidet spray”, or the “bidet sprayer”. This is a handheld triggered plunger, the same with that on the kitchen sink sprayer, which delivered the spray of water in assisting the anal cleansing and the genitals cleansing right urination and defecation. In contrast to the bidet that has been integrated with a toilet, the bidet shower had to be held through bare hands, and the cleaning will not automatically take place. Bidet showers are very common in states where the water is being considered essential for the anal cleansing.

The drawbacks contain the probabilities of wetting the clothing of the user when used carelessly. Additionally, the user should be flexible and reasonably mobile to use this handheld type of bidet shower. The positive side, this handheld bidet is without equal when being used by a parent of someone who is obese person, toilet training child or a mobility impaired patient.

Standalone or the Conventional Bidet

Standalone or the Conventional Bidet

This type of bidet is one plumbing fixture which is being installed as one separate unit inside a bathroom beside the toilet, the sink and the shower, which the users had to straddle. There are types of bidet resemble the large hand basin, together with the taps and the stopper so they may be filled up; the other designs had the nozzle that squirts the jet of water for aiding while cleansing.

The Add-on Bidet

The Adds-on

There are types of bidet that is connected to the toilet bowls, saving the space and without any need of plumbing in the added unit. The bidet can be the fixed or the removable nozzle connected to the present toilet on the side or at the back of the toilet rim, or changing a toilet seat. For these cases, their aid is very restricted to cleaning only the genitals and the anus. Some bidets of these kinds produced the vertical water jet, while there are some that are more-or-less an oblique one. The other bidets had a nozzle at the side rim aiming for both the genitals and the anal areas, and the other designs have 2 nozzles at the back rim. A smaller one is called a “family nozzle”, is being used for the washing of the area about the anus, while the longer one, the “bidet nozzle” is styled for the washing of the vulva.

Such connected bidets are named as “add-on bidets“, “combined toilets”, or the “bidet attachments”. These are being controlled either mechanically, through turning the valve, or by electronics. Electronic bidets are being controlled with the waterproof electrical switches instead of the manual valves. There had been models that have the heating element that blows warm air in drying a user after washing, which offer heated seats, illumination, wireless remote controls, by building in the night lights, or by built in deodorizers with the activated carbon filters that will remove the odors. Further refinements contain the adjustable water pressure, directional spray control and temperature compensation. Where the bathroom’s appearance is the concern, under-a-seat mounting type had been more popular. The add-on bidet normally connects to the present water supply of the toilet through the adding of the threaded tee pipe adapters, and required no soldering or some other plumbing work. The electronic add-on bidet also requiring the GFCI protected grounded of electrical outlet.

Environmental Aspects

Environmental Aspects

From the environmental standpoint, the bidets are able to decrease the need for the toilet papers. Considering that a normal person uses about 1⁄8 gals or 0.5 l. of cleansing water by using the bidet, lesser water is being used when manufacturing toilet paper. One article concluded that the use of bidet is even “less stressful to our environment than using the toilet paper”. that’s why they create different types of bidet to look for the best choice for the people. It also stated that when everyone switched to using bidets, there will be millions of trees that could be rescued each year.

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