Bathroom Sink Faucets Information Guide

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The different sink faucet designs, features, styles, and finishes of your bathroom will permit you in dressing up and personalizing your space.

What are Bathroom Faucet Mounting Kinds?

Not all sink faucets in the bathroom are able to function with every sink, and so it is really important to be certain that the faucet you will choose is able to fit in your basin or sink. The standard faucet drillings will be the Centerset, widespread or the single-hole.


What are Bathroom Faucet Mounting Kinds?
  1. 4-Inch Centerset – the 4-inch Centerset types of faucets are created for washbasins with the three holes and it have the handles that which are 4 inches apart. This will combine the handle and the spout of the solo base unit. Some of the Centerset faucets can have the two handles mounted into the 6-inch plate.
  2. Single-Hole – the single-hole faucet in your bathroom may have the two handles or the single handle. If your sink had already been drilled to have that added holes, use the alternative plate for covering them.
  3. Vessel – these tall faucets are destined to complement the vessel sink that sits higher with the other types of sink. The vessel sink faucets usually come with the multifunction, solo handles.
  4. Wall-Mounted – the wall-mounted faucet options of your bathroom are available for your freestanding basins and above-the-counter basins that need a longer spout for that extended reach. They will not work with the basins that have the drilled holes. The wall-mounted faucets need the drain for installation and the split wall-mounted valves. Make sure that the spout is longer enough for that adequate basin clearance. Make sure that the sinks are deep enough to prevent the water from possible splashing on the countertops or the floor.
  5. Widespread – the widespread bathroom faucets are functioning with the 3-hole basins. This type had 3 separate pieces, a spout, two handles and the space in between the handles varies from 6-16 inches.

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What are Bathroom Faucet Colors and Finish?

  1. Coordinate the faucet color and the finish with the other of the accessories and fixtures in the bathroom. The chrome waterfall faucet braces well with the modern home designs. Make the statement with the dark bathroom faucets.
  2. Select the spot-resistant finishes that will simplify the cleaning. Popular faucet finish options include black, brass (polished or antique), bronze, chrome (polished, brushed or matte), copper, nickel (pearl and brushed), stainless steel and gold.
  3. Some faucet arrangements come with the combination of finishes like chrome and brass, which offers that exclusive appearance. The combination finish will also be one cost-effective means of making the change in the bathroom. For example, when you presently have the brass fittings, you may update with the chrome and the brass faucet. Just always remember to stick with the similar finish (for example: antique VS polished).
What are Bathroom Faucet Colors and Finish?

What are the Faucet Valve Construction?

Each type of a bathroom sink faucet had the inner valve which will control the flow of the water by the spout. A valve quality and either it had the washer or none will determine the reliability and the durability of a faucet. The best alternatives are faucets with the solid brass, corrosion-resistant workings and the brass-based metal.

  1. Faucets with the Washers
  2. Compression-Valve Faucet – they are the most common type of a faucet that is working by means of the stem that rise and fall to close and open the passageway of the water.
  3. Washerless Faucets
  4. Ball Faucet –it had the rotating plastic or metal ball that controls the total of incoming water. Having only a moving part, the possibility of malfunctioning is greatly decreased. The plastic ball will finally wear-out, but the metal ball is being styled for long life.
  5. Cartridge Faucets – it is using a rubber O-ring inside the cylindrical cartridge to have the control of the water flow. The faucets are really reliable especially when it is equipped with the brass cartridge.
  6. The Ceramic Disc Faucet – they are nearly maintenance free. It has 2 ceramic discs which move against one another in the shearing action, blocked the water or allow it to pass by. The seal is tough because its discs are smooth and flat.

What are the Control Options?

There had been arrays of options for a simple act of rotating the faucet off or on. Think about the basic needs of all those that will use your bath area.

  1. Cross Handles – the timeless models are offering unlike finishes that will coordinate with the decorations in the room.
  2. Joystick – the control that is the same to the lever, joystick handles gives that exclusive look and that extensive range of multi-functionality and motion.
  3. Knobs – the knob handles function just like the cross handles however, it offers the different designs.
  4. Lever Handles – the famous handles normally came in x-shaped or cross design, which makes them easy to turn and grip. The lever handles can be availed in lots of decorative designs.
  5. Push-Buttons – through the push-button faucet, anyone will turn the water off and on with the push instead of just turning the knob or the handle.
  6. Touchless – the motion-activated faucets do not require knobs or handles at all. Simply situate the hands under a spout to activate it. The blending valve will permit you to control a blend of cold or hot water and comes in standard with some of the models but should be separately bought for the others. Some of the touchless faucets also contain the override lever manual as an optional means of controlling the flow of water. The faucets are the safe choice with your children since you will also control the flow and water temperature.
  7. Touch-Activated – like the touchless models, the faucets will not require you to influence the knobs or the handles. Activate them or you can turn them off through the simple tap to a faucet’s top. The handle will control the temperature of water and will act as the manual control. The faucets are working well for anyone with accessibility problems.
What are the Control Options?

What are the Other Faucet Considerations in the Bathroom?

With varieties of designs, exploring the added features and options will help in finding the great faucet of your preference.

Decorative Handle Buttons – this will add the stylish touch to the personal space.

Integrated Supply Line – with the integrated lines, you do not have to buy supply lines individually.

LED Lights – the lights are emitted from a spout and being activated when your water turns on. There are options that will also change the water in different colors, giving the faucet that unique look.

Matching Pop-Up Drains – the drain will complete the new appearance.

Water-Efficient Designs – they are built to use lesser water, while also matching the performances of lesser effective models.

Waterfall Faucet – it is not using that much water pressure being the standard models and will offer that distinct appearance.

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