Guidelines for Buying Water Heaters

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The price of heating water consumed almost 20% of the household budget, and this is only second to what you are spending on the cooling and heating your home. Despite the expenses, water heaters have been typically ignored until the time they break, and will leave you without hot water and likely a flooded basement.

When the water heater is close to its useful life or its end and you are thinking of changing it before the disaster strikes, you will then be happy to be aware that you have the best choices, thanks to the recent regulations that are requiring water heaters to become more energy-efficient. The new storage container water heaters are requisite to operate more effectively, and the tankless water heaters (on-demand) are even more effective than that.


water heaters

Normally, homeowners are changing their old water heaters with a similar type which runs on the similar fuel—electricity or natural gas. Switching from the tank water heater up to the tankless unit may be a costly one since it will require you to retrofit the plumbing and probably your electrical system. However, if you are constructing a new house or adding to your existing one, installing your tankless water heater will make economic sense.

Following the “heavy use” industry average test, the performance of electric tankless and gas water heaters are being compared with the function of the conventional tank counterparts. A test used the high draw pattern equivalent to using 84 gals. of water in one day. This is the usual everyday equivalent of taking numerous showers, washing a load of laundry, running the dishwasher, and turning on and off the faucet for multiple times.

Since the tankless water heater is performing also with each other, the outcomes of each batch from the gas and electricity that had been averaged and compared the score with the functions of the conventional electric and gas storage tanks and an electric-heat pump model. By using the buying price, yearly energy cost, and the estimated price of installation, the payback time has been calculated for both the replacement and the new installations. Payback time had been longer for the tankless unit which replaced the existing storage tank, however, more reasonable with the new construction.



Consider the Capacity

The tank water heaters normally hold 40, 50, and 55 gallons or even more. The mass that you are buying will all depend on the figure of people dwelling inside the house and your maximum water usage. For instance, a family of four will take several showers, wash a load or 2 of laundry in the standard normal day, run the dishwasher, will give a total of 100 gallons of the hot water consume or more. But it will not mean that the household needs the 100-gal storage tank.

For the storage tank water heater, it’s important to take into consideration the primary-hour rating that is the number of the gallons of water heater will give in one beginning with the filled-up tank.

As the outcome of the recently updated effective standards, water heaters that are under 55 gallons are now having the 4% boost in effectiveness, while the water heaters 55 gal or more will have the efficiency gains from 25 to 50% depending on the chosen technology being used—condensing or heat pump.

And do not assume the new water heater can fit where the old one had been. Because of the increased insulation and some other effective improvements, some of the newer models can be taller or wider than the old water heater.

And do not assume the new water heater can fit where the old one had been. Because of the increased insulation and some other effective improvements, some of the newer models can be taller or wider than the old water heater.

Of course, the tankless water heaters do not hold that much water, and so the figure to look for will be the gallons in every minute rating or GPM. That is the number which is going to tell you how much of hot water your heater can give through the set time frame. The high the GPM can be the added hot water a unit will deliver. When you have a large family and numerous bathrooms, you need to choose the tankless water heater that had the higher GPM. The typical shower normally uses until 2.5 GPM.

Kinds of Water Heater

1. Storage Tank – as its name is suggesting, it consists of the insulated tank wherein the water is being heated and stored up to the time that it is needed, then appeared from the pipe over the water heater.

The temperature- and the pressure-relief valve are opening when either exceeds the preset level.

The natural-gas water heater is normally using lesser energy and cost lesser to run (by around half) than the electric water heaters, even though you must note that the gas models will cost more during the time of the purchase.

2. Tankless (On-Demand) – these are more energy-efficient when compared to the storage tanks, but will only give that partial hot water flow in every minute—around 3.5 gallons, and depending on the inlet water temperatures.

They are best for those people who typically are not drawing water for over than one use at one time—like running a dishwasher and a shower simultaneously.


Heat Pump (Hybrid)

The tankless models are still the best for the homes that utilizes the natural gas to heating the water; the electric models will require a costly upgrade of the house’s electrical capacity.

3. Heat Pump (Hybrid) – they are using about 60% less energy than the standard electric water heater. And while they are costing more than the electric-only models, the installation is similar and the payback time is shorter. But they do not work that well in a very cold space and had to be situated in a place that stays around 40° F-90° F.

Because the heat pumps are on top, the hybrid water heater is in need of as much as 7ft. of clearance from the floor to the ceiling. You will also need until 1,000 cubic ft of uncooled space that will capture sufficient heat from an air and also with the nearby drain that will discharge the condensate.


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4. Solar – solar water heater is the best savings during spring season, which makes them attractive for the sunny and warm regions. But the savings suffered on cloudy and cold days. Most models employed the backup system which kicks in when it is needed.

Even with the local rebates, what can be spent to acquire and install the solar system will mean you will wait 10-30 years to earn back your costs.

5. Condensing – this condensing water heater alternatives are the models that have the tank like the traditional water heaters, but they capture the exhaust gases which would usually go out the chimney, which wastes energy. The gases are blown by the coil in a unit’s base, where the incoming cold water will attract most of the warmth.

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