15 Sep. 20

Our Spring 2020 Plumbing Checklist

Flowers are out, spring has sprung, as we move into warmer weather it is such a great time of year to be living in Sydney!

Before we move into the warmer weather, our plumbing specialist Kelvin has prepared a simple checklist to assist you with ongoing upkeep of the plumbing, it will take an hour to carry out the tasks. 

This will save you money, headaches in the future, as it is better to stop a plumbing problem sooner rather than later.

1. Inspect Your Hot Water System – Over the winter period your gas or electric hot water system gets a workout, over the past 6 months your heater will operate in full force, so take some time to check for visible leaks, any rusting, unusual murky water colours, check the thermos state, the anode rod and flush the take for any sediment. 

It is recommended you perform a half yearly check on the hot water system, as you do not want this breakdown. If well looked after your hot water system should live for approximately 10-14 years. 

If you experience any unusual signs such as leaks, rust or water temperature failing it is recommended you call a licensed plumber. Our team is experienced to assist Sydney residents with hot water repairs and replacements. We stock the leading hot water systems such as Rinnai, Rheem or Dux. We offer emergency plumbing 24/7, 365 days per year!

Plumbing Tip : Treat your hot water heater like any other home appliance – the more you maintain and take care of it, the longer it will last – and keep giving you nice, hot water!

2. Inspect Your Internal & External Drains –  Are there any drains around your home or property that have pooling water; water that does not easily flow away or smelly water? 

Drainage systems can be checked now to make sure they are ready for the increased use they’re likely to see over Spring and Summer. 

3. Inspect your gutters and downpipes 
All the Winter wind and wild weather can fill up your gutters real fast!Your gutters are crucial to the flow of water away from your home and leaving your gutters full of leaves, twigs, and debris can spell disaster come the next major downpour.

Homeowners in Sydney usually leave this until the leaves and debris has filled their downpipes and gutters and everything overflows and causes damage. This issue can be easily prevented by using a ladder and clearing all the items out of the gutters. 

If you are unable to reach your roof or the downpipes call the Quintessential Plumbing team today on 0403 549 598!

4. Inspect your taps, fixtures, and shower-heads.
Basin taps, kitchen mixers, showerheads and toilets are used multiple times per day and in hot demand! It is good practice to complete an all round check on these fixtures, look out for leaks, weird sounds, loss of pressure or loose taps or shower heads.Spring is the perfect time to check them all for any damage.

Any leaking water is costing you big time (and just wasting water) so now is the time to get on top of it.

5 . Inspect your bathrooms and appliances
We rely on them so much – the dishwasher, the washing machine, the toilet. You’re looking for leaks, condensation, strange noises and unusual long cycle times.

If your home is quite old you may find waterproofing issues or leaks, these issues can build up quite fast and result in mold issues. Often if an issue is spotted and repaired fast the costs of the repair are very reasonable. We recommend to always notify your plumber on anything unusual, if you leave the issue it will result in the matter causing more damage to your fixtures and appliances. 

Sydney’s Plumbing Specialists ! 

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