03 Nov. 20

How to Protect my Drains from Rats?

In some other areas, sewers are the best surroundings for the rats to stay and live, that is why it is really important to protect your property, your family and yourself from these rodents. The property drains are being connected to the sewers that are bound with the vermin, and so making sure that the drains are working in good order is very crucial to shielding yourself from these disease-carrying pests. It’s also very significant, depending on the kind of drain used through your property, to own that added, specialized measures in its place to shun the rodents from the entrance.

How to protect from rodent entry

how to protect - rodent entry

Preventative measures including the barriers, traps and valves will help the drains to become protected from the rat entry. Rodents are the best climbers and are able to make it through the tight bends, small pipes and areas with loads of water flow.

Seal your drainage

how to protect - seal you drainage

Making sure that the drainage is sealed will be important in protecting your business or your house from those rats. Sealed drainage will mean that there will no gaps in the pipe work in between the discharge stacks of the sewer or the house. Although this will not really protect your property from infiltration stemming coming from the sewer, and also as the safety it offers to homes, it aids in stopping the rats from entering the sewer. It is the kind of drainage that will require normal access covering for inspection chambers with the entry of rods for clearing the blockages. These must permit maintenance of a drainage pipe from the exterior.

Barriers for Rodent

Rodent barriers had been installed within a pipe to prevent the rats from the entry to the drainage system, helping in protecting the home.

This will include the variety of devices in the pipes like:

  • Downward fronting fins at the discharge stacks
  • Enlarged areas of the discharge pile to prevent the rats from climbing
  • One way or lane valves in an underground drainage

Intercepting trap

how to protect - Intercepting trap

The intercepting trap is a U-bend area of the domestic sewer pipe which is made from Fireclay. It is also called as the Buchan trap, Bristol interceptor or disconnecting trap. These U-bends are filled with water. Even though this trap can prevent sewer stinks from escaping the pipe, it is worth in protecting counter to the rodents are rather more dubious; these are usually being able to swim by the interceptor trap. One more downside of this kind of protection its being easily blocked and can require frequent maintenance. Therefore, it is very crucial that a trap is installed like that the rod may be simply inserted to remove the blockages.

Covers and the Gratings

how to protect - Covers and the Gratings

The placement of a plastic cover or a metal grating that permit the passage of the waste, but will block the rats must be situated within the pipes.

The Cages

The metal cages are usually being placed in a ventilation pipe that stem from above over the discharge pile, blocking that way for rat to enter and to escape.