gas fitter vs plumber

09 Nov. 22

Are Plumbers The Same As Gas Fitters?

Plumbing and gas fitting skills are needed for a variety of jobs. For instance, both professionals are required to execute the work on a hot water system that runs on gas.

Does that imply that gas fitters and plumbers are essentially the same professions? Gas fitting and plumbing are two distinct crafts that call for different certifications. However, gas fitting work might be approved for plumbers to perform.

To handle a complete hot water installation, including all gas piping, plumbing, and the provision and installation of the tank itself, you can thus contact a plumber who also has gas fitting qualifications.

The main distinction between the two occupations is that, according to Australian law, a Gas Fitter is not permitted to perform any plumbing tasks. They are solely certified to perform gas installation work for appliances like kitchen ovens and heating.

Finding a plumber in Sydney who can also handle gas fitting is the ideal option if your project calls for both plumbing and gas fitting because doing so will save you money and the hassle of attempting to schedule a time when both of them are accessible.

What Kind of Work Qualifies as Plumbing?

The Australian Standards (AS3500) Regulations 2013 define plumbing work as any job involving water, plumbing, and drainage. This includes any installations, upgrades, repairs, material removals, demolitions, general servicing, maintenance, inspections, or other adjustments to any plumbing-dependent infrastructure or equipment.

Any component of the system that provides clean water to a building and distributes it throughout the space is referred to as plumbing, as is the secure removal of wastewater from the space.

Plumbers who are qualified have completed a four-year apprenticeship and earned a Certificate III in Plumbing. They are thoroughly trained in Australian standards and have gained the necessary experience to work as licensed Plumbers in Sydney.

How Can You Tell if a Plumber Is Gas Fitting Qualified?

A plumber is not necessarily qualified in a gas fitting just because they are qualified and licensed in that field. While apprentices will study and educate themselves on the fundamentals of gas fitting, they can only apply for an interim gas license and can only operate under the guidance of a fully trained Gas Fitter.

A plumber must obtain a Certificate IV in Plumbing in addition to working under this interim license for 12 months in order to become certified.

What Services Is a Gas Fitter in Sydney Covered For?

To comply with the requirements contained in the Gas Standards (AG5601 Gas installations) Regulations 2013, qualified Gas Fitter has finished their certification. As a result, they are qualified and licensed to do any installation, replacement, upkeep, demolition, alteration, or repair of gas-powered equipment and infrastructure.

Although attaining Certificate III in Gasfitting is necessary, an apprenticeship is not. Non-tradespeople are able to complete this certification, which grants them an interim license and requires them to work for 12 months under the supervision of a fully trained Gas Fitter, just like Plumbers.

Along with many other professions, working with gas is a must for mechanics, electricians, electronics technicians, and other trades. These craftspeople are able to finish their Certificate III in Gasfitting and also work for 12 months under supervision. Once they have earned their Certificate IV, they will be qualified to work in their specific trade, provide Gas fitting services, or a combination of the two.

Who Do I Call?

In conclusion, you will need a plumber if your project involves any type of plumbing, drainage, or water. A Gas Fitter or a plumber with gas fitting credentials can be used to install anything using gas, such as cooktops or convert outdoor grills to natural gas.

Only a qualified plumber with those gas fitting qualifications should be used if your project, such as a water heating system, calls for both.

Before hiring any plumber or Gas Fitter, it is imperative that you have their license and insurance information. Unfortunately, there are unlicensed business owners out there, and while their short-term prices might be alluring, they can eventually lead to serious issues.

Even though their gas fitting or plumbing appears to be of high quality, it does not meet Australian standards. This may cancel any appliance warranties you have, invalidate your insurance, and cause serious problems if you ever decide to sell your home.

In the odd event that something goes wrong and results in damage, injury, or worse, a qualified and licensed plumbing or gas fitting company will also have insurance, which is crucial to protect you and your property.

For any plumbing or gas fitting work you may need us for, including after-hours emergencies, Quintessential Plumbing has a comprehensive team of plumbers and Gas Fitter on the Central Coast who are all fully trained to Australian standards, qualified, experienced, and licensed.

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