22 Dec. 20

6 Tools Every Homeowners Must Have on Hand

Any house will not be complete without the handy toolbox which you may depend on for each of your house repair needs. Owning your own house will mean finally having the need to face your plumbing problems! And whether you’re someone who would like to deal with DIY projects on the daily basis or when you just locate yourself doing some minor repairs, there are some important plumbing tools that it is believed that all homeowners must have in their toolbox. Knowing how to be aided with these tools and owning some of them are sure to provide you with the confidence boost that you need in tackling with any sudden troubles that will come your way!

Here are the 6 important tools to have:

Tools - Adjustable Wrench

Adjustable Wrench – this tool is where you will adjust just how far a tooth open that will fit pieces of different sizes. By using this tool, you will be able to loosen or tighten most of the nuts, fittings, and bolts as needed. The adjustable wrenches are normally accessible in 6-10 inch ranges, and this pertains to the extent of the handle. Keeping them both on hand would be the best idea!

drain snake

Drain Snake – this is a very nice tool to own when a clog become too intense for the plunger. The drain snake is one coiled, long metal wire linked to the hand crank. In using it, place the wire end in the drain, then uncoiled it by using a hand crank. When a wire uncoiled, it pushes by the drain, clearing the clogs away as it goes. It is a very tool that permits you to clear the debris like the hair and the product build-up and without damaging the pipes.

rubber gloves

Heavy-duty Pair of Rubber Gloves – it can be that overlooked, but an essential tool! It will help to maintain the hands, wrists, and the forearms protected and clean from any pointed objects!


Plunger – this tool is very helpful when there are clogged toilets or even a sink that clogged. It is recommended to keep a cup plunger for the tubs and sinks, and a flange plunger for the toilet clogs. The inexpensive tool is really sure to aid in getting you out of a few minor plumbing problems.

Tools - Plumbing Tape

Plumbing Tape – it is also called as the Teflon tape and this is the tape that gives that reliable seal to prevent leakage of gases and liquids. Unlike putty, the plumbing tape is able to hold under and an important total of pressure. You may possibly need this if you’re putting pipes be back together.

Tools - Water Pressure Gauge

Water Pressure Gauge – it is the tool that will help to monitor the performance parameters. The water systems and the tanks are functioning because the air or the water that is running through them was pressurized. It pressure gauge can measure the pressure force on the air or water so that you may be able to identify if there are any errors in the systems or the tank.

While you likely won’t use the tools every day, but, you have to believe that when by the time you need them, you’ll be relieved that you have them ready! And remember to not feel overwhelmed when the plumbing issue really arises. When you have the plumbing problem that is really too much to deal with – give us a ring! Our team of expert, dedicated and experienced plumbers would like to help you. When you have some questions then contact us and we will talk about it.