What Causes Blocked Drains?

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If your drain is getting clogged, you may be wondering what causes blocked drainage. It can be anything from hair grips to foreign objects. The last thing you want to do is flush sanitary products down the toilet, as they can jam narrow pipes and cause overflows of water. Also, never flush toilet paper down the drain as it can block the drain. A professional plumber can help you clear out the problem. But if you’re not confident enough to tackle the job, here are a few common signs of a blocked drain. Click here for facts about Redfern, NSW.

Blockages can be caused by various things, but the most common cause is hair. This type of blockage can come from a variety of sources, including hair and grease. When hair is caught in the drain, it attracts grease and sticks to it, making it difficult to remove. The smell is terrible, so it’s important to have a professional plumber come out to unclog the drain. If you suspect that you have a blocked sewer, you should call your local plumber. Click here to read about What Are The Signs That My Drain Is Blocked.

Near Me Plumber Redfern
Near Me Plumber Redfern

Another common cause of blocked drains is hair. These are usually created by shower hair removal devices and are the number one cause of blocked drains. If you have a dog, don’t use your drain for it. This is a great way to avoid clogged pipes. Likewise, wipes and fats can form solidified deposits in the drain and lead to a clogged drain. Once a fatberg formed in a London sewer, it became so large that it was estimated to be as big as a double-decker bus.

A broken pipe can also cause blocked drains. Dirt and tree roots can enter a sewer and cause a blockage. If the pipe is older, it may need to be relined or repaired. Improper pipe sizing can also cause clogged drains. Finally, a faulty drain can have a belly that traps solids. To avoid this, you should clean the sink thoroughly.

A clogged drain can be dangerous. Not only will it clog the sewer, but it can also damage the septic system and sewage lines. In order to prevent a blocked drain, you must find the cause of the problem first. Once you’ve identified the source, you can start the repair process. Listed below are some common symptoms of clogged drains. If you’ve spotted one of these symptoms, call a professional plumber to fix the problem.

In addition to sanitary problems, clogged drains can be caused by human hair. Baby wipes are a particularly common culprit. They’re not biodegradable and may contain hair, which can clog your drain. A blocked drain should be cleaned regularly, or else it can cause flooding. The sooner you fix the problem, the better. If the blockage occurs due to hair, call a professional plumber to ensure that your pipes are not obstructed.

If the blockage is caused by foreign objects, you need to clean it right away. In addition to food waste, sanitary items and electronic waste can also block the drain. These are all dangerous, and you need to avoid flushing them down the toilet. If you find any of these things, call a professional plumbing service immediately. You can also do some DIY tips by avoiding these common causes of blocked drains.

Besides food and grease, the most common cause of clogged drains is fat. These substances tend to stick together and are therefore difficult to remove with water. If you see a blockage, you’ll need to clear it. If you have a blockage, you might have to use a special tool to clear the blockage. By cleaning the drain thoroughly, you’ll be able to prevent this problem from recurring.

Another major cause of blocked drains is damaged pipes. The uneven surface causes debris to accumulate in the pipes. Over time, the waste accumulates in the pipes, resulting in a clogged drain. This is the most common cause of blocked drains, and you should act as soon as you notice slow-moving drainage. If you don’t see any of these signs in your drains, you can call a plumber right away to fix it.

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