The Benefits of Loftus Public School in New South Wales

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If you’re considering sending your kids to an Australian school, you’re probably wondering about the benefits of Loftus Public School in New South Wales. This article will give you the lowdown on this school and its benefits, including how far it is from Sydney and Camp Wonawong. Whether or not you choose this school will depend on your personal circumstances and the needs of your children. However, there are several things you should keep in mind before making your decision. Further facts about Loftus, NSW can be found here.

Loftus Public School

The Loftus Public School is a coeducational primary school, serving children in Kindergarten through Grade 6. It is a government-funded institution and enforces a uniform policy. It is located in the inner region of Sydney and is one of 188 government schools in the Loftus area. Here are some details about the school. They have a total enrollment of 417 students, both male and female. They have 24 full-time staff members. Information about The Sydney Tramway Museum Loftus can be found here. 

Local Plumber Loftus
Local Plumber Loftus

The Loftus Public School Parents and Citizens’ Association is an active community group that meets regularly to discuss issues of concern. Members can become members of the association for a fee of $1.00 for a year. Members can vote for executive positions and have input on the direction of the school. All parents and community members are welcome to join. The Loftus Public School Parents and Citizens’ Association is made up of a diverse group of people.


Located in the Sutherland Shire, Loftus Public School is a leading independent major city school with more than 400 students. The school has 24 full-time teachers and holds an Australian Government Department of Education ID number. Students are served by qualified and dedicated teaching staff. The school’s community works in close partnership with teaching staff to ensure a high standard of education. Students at Loftus Public School are well-rounded, and they can choose a variety of extra-curricular activities.

Located in Sutherland Shire, Loftus Public School is close to the Loftus Reserve and the Uniting Church. Within a short walking distance, students can visit the Sydney Tramway Museum, Australia’s oldest and largest tramway museum. The Woronora Cemetery is also within one and a half km of the school. If you have kids at the school, you can also visit the school’s Facebook page and read reviews from current and former students.

Camp Wonawong

Camp Wonawong at the Loftus Public School, a popular summer youth program, is a unique opportunity to experience the natural world while having fun with friends. Located beside Loftus Creek, Camp Wonawong provides outdoor adventures for students of all ages. The school’s community is engaged and committed, working in partnership with the teaching staff to provide the best educational experience for the children of the district.

The town of “Loftus” is located in western Sydney and has a population of 4.135. It is bounded by the Royal National Park and the Illawarra Railway, with the town incorporated ten years later. The railway station was moved from its previous location to its current site in 1979, when it became part of the City Rail Illawarra line. The Loftus tram line connects the Royal National Park to the Sydney Tramway Museum.

Distance from Sydney

In the Sutherland Shire of Sydney, NSW, lies Loftus Public School. The school is located near Loftus Uniting Church and Loftus Reserve. Located 290 metres northeast of the school is the Sydney Tramway Museum, the oldest tramway museum in the southern hemisphere. It is also located close to the railway station. The school is about one and a half kilometers from Woronora Cemetery.

The nearest beach is Wants Beach, which is 1.6 miles away. Another close beach is Loddon Falls, which is 18.5 miles away. The nearest post office is at the end of Loftus Road, which is also 0.1 miles away. There are other amenities in and around Loftus, including a number of shopping centres and parks. Loftus is also convenient for public transportation, as it is served by two rail stations, one on the Sydney TrainsIllawarra line and another on the Illawarra Line.


The Education Department has nominated the Loftus Public School toilet upgrade project for the future capital works program. As one of the most comprehensive free-weight facilities in the state, the Haggar Fitness Center includes a three-lane track for speed workouts and a 40-yard FieldTurf field for team workouts. The building also features over thirty free-weight areas and 40 exercise machines. Loftus Public School also features Meyo Field, a 100-yard FieldTurf field with end zones. The school also has a six-lane track, about a fifth mile long, surrounding the field.

In addition to the Loftus Public School, the school has two athletic facilities: the John R. Loftus Athletic Center and the Loftus Sports Center. The Loftus Sports Center is the most important athletic building on campus. It serves as an indoor practice facility for several Irish varsity sports, as well as hosting track and field competitions. The athletic fields are also home to the Notre Dame rowing team. The Loftus Sports Center is a gift to the school from John R. Loftus, a former member of the Notre Dame basketball team in 1944 and 1948.

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