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The Redfern Jarjum College is a free Jesuit primary school aimed at helping Aboriginal children in the city of Sydney. The college was founded in 2013 on the land of the city’s traditional owners, the Aboriginal people of Redfern. The school was originally built on the site of a Catholic Presbytery, which was a welcome home to many Aboriginal people. The college’s aim is to help young Aboriginal people overcome social, emotional, and educational disadvantages. Visit this link for Redfern, NSW facts.

The school will focus on building self-concept and self-worth, as well as literacy and numeracy education. It will provide students with transportation, meals, and clothes, as well as support for access to important health services. It will also focus on community development, with regular gatherings and cultural events. All students will attend Redfern Jarjum College and participate in various activities, including cultural and spiritual practices. Discover facts about The Best Museum to Visit in Redfern, NSW.

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The school was funded by the STC Foundation in 2016. Last year’s program, “School Drama”, was a huge success. This program aims to build trust between teachers and students. In Term 2, the students performed four play-acting activities that took place in a school library. The students learned about the value of acting and were able to impress the judges with their acting skills. The school has been a leader in providing quality education for Indigenous children, and this has been a hallmark of its success.

The school aims to educate and empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children by addressing the disadvantages they face in the city. The school places a great emphasis on partnership with the community, the Aboriginal culture, and the holistic development of students. The college boasts a low student-to-teacher ratio and a culturally responsive approach to education. The program also offers courses that prepare children for the Australian workplace.

The school’s curriculum focuses on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. It is a coeducational primary school for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. It is an accredited, non-profit organisation and is run by local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The school has received a number of awards for its outstanding work in this field and has worked with several prominent charities.

The college provides free counseling and a culturally-sensitive curriculum for its Indigenous students. The program includes art, dance, and tribal languages. There are Aboriginal and non-Indigenous students at the school. The staff members’ roles are essentially based on the student’s needs. This ensures that the students are given appropriate care and attention. In addition, the college provides free services to Aboriginal and non-Indigenous students.

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