Guidelines For Buying Your Thermostat

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When it is about controlling the warmth in your house, the best thermostat will both warm the heart of the owner and will cool the jets when needed.

With the smart thermostat, you may be able to save $50 for one year on the energy bills, base on the Energy Star, and there are some Thermostat manufacturers that claimed that those savings may be able to reach $100 or even more. Before the smart thermostats, programmable, non-connected thermostats provide energy savings and it still does.

But with each passing year, the problem had been that they are too hard to program for lots of consumers. For this cause, the company stopped certifying the whole product category in the year 2009. In fact, based on the 2015 study, 40% of programmable thermostat holders did not use this programming feature in setting the schedules. That is the troubles because the thermostat will only save you money on the energy bill when it is set back and utilizing less energy. You may do that manually each time you leave the house or go to bed, or even program the thermostat to perform it for you during a schedule basis.


Enter Smart Thermostat


Enter Smart Thermostat

Thermostats have since catch much less daunting, big thanks to the arrival of the Smart Thermostats. They seemed to have the simple touchscreen displays and controls that will make programming easier. Importantly, smart thermostat connects to the internet through WiFi, permitting you to alter the temperature at your home by an app on the Smartphone where you happened to be—as simply as you will check the bank balance. A smart thermostat will also factor in the local weather forecast “learn” the temperature preference by computer algorithms and sensors. The idea is by moving beyond programming all together.

The energy company took one more look lately and launched the certification specifically for the Smart thermostats. The packaging label just makes it simple to know which of the smartest models may help lower the energy bills.

Some of the user interface improvements made for the smart thermostats have trickled down also into programmable, non-connected thermostats, finally creating some of them somewhat relatively easy-to-utilize option for the consumers who do not want the internet-connected model.


How the CR Tests Thermostats


How the CR Tests Thermostat

There are hundreds of models of thermostat through the years. And while long ago they were not very accurate, lots of them were able to keep the rooms close to its set temperature. It is for the reason that there are manual thermostats that are being tested—all they are doing holds the set temperature.

With the temperature precision, the given, CR concentrates the testing on the easiness of use—take note of how easy each of the thermostat is being set up, read, program, and operate.

For the programmable thermostats, the easiness of use testing had been is broken down to 4 aspects of the experience of the product: setup, easiness of reading a display, programming, and the manual operation.

The setup test evaluated how easy a thermostat is to shape for the HVAC system right after the physical installation and the display test judge how well the facts are presented and how simple it is to interpret. The programming test appears in the total of steps it will take to make the cooling and the heating schedule and the signals given to understanding a schedule-building procedure. The manual procedure test assessed the easiness of using the primary functions of thermostats, including controlling a setpoint, building the schedule, setting way/home status, and making the vacation period.

For the Smart thermostats, the testing had different focus. There are factors in the smart features such as geofencing, alerts, and app control. There are also accounts for the automated features and machine learning which allow the smart thermostats to discover your routines and habits to adjust the temperatures for you. With the increasing fame of virtual assistants (VA), voice control with the Amazon, Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google Assistant is considered, if the integrations are available. Ease of the wireless setup is also considered like what is being done with programmable thermostats, Assessed the ease of manual functions and operation.


Types of Thermostat


types of thermostat

The round iconic thermostat with the dial is the relic, though Honeywell will still make the version. The models now have that easy to use and bright display interfaces.


1. Programmable Thermostats

Without connections to the internet, the models will require you to position a temperature, and also select the cooling and the heating cycle of the HVAC arrangement of the piece itself. Most are featuring the digital interface with an alternative to schedule or to automatically adjust the temperature of the house from the times specified.

Pros: Cost-efficient. Lots of models permit you to set unlike temperatures for many times in a day and in everyday of a week.

Cons: The shortage of flexibility of automation and convenience, voice and remote control.


2. Smart Thermostats

The models will permit you to remotely manage your thermostat through your computer or Smartphone. Some employed multiple sensors in monitoring temperatures in different parts of the house for a more balanced cooling or heating. Some models track the temperature preferences and utilize the data to optimize the cooling and heating schedule.

Pros: Energy- convenient and effective. Offer fine control of the HVAC system to decrease the carbon footprint, lower the energy usage of the house and save money and it is able to automate the cooling and heating with little to automatic input.

Cons: Expensive and not all smart thermostat functions with all houses existing HVAC system.


How to select your Thermostat?


selecting thermostat


1. Consider the HVAC System

Nearly every tested model function on the common cooling and heating systems, but check its packaging for some exceptions. This is particularly the concern with smart thermostats, since not all models will support all kinds of HVAC systems. If you have that separate cooling and heating systems, you will have to install the separate thermostat for both systems, and also with each zone of cooling and heating.


2. Decide whether you are interested in the programmable, non-connected thermostat or the smart thermostat.

When all that you care about will be to have that simple programming, the non-connected thermostat can suffice, and they are much cheaper. If you are interested in controlling the thermostat with an app or a voice or to quit control and to allow it to discover the habits, and you must consider a smart thermostat. In narrowing the choices, factoring smart features like price, geofencing, and attributed that matters to you, like the style, color, or size.


3. Scope out the wiring

You may also want to unlock up the existing thermostat to witness what type of wiring is in there. Most programmable, non-connected thermostats will function with just 2 low-voltage wires (usually with the older heating systems), however, the newer thermostats normally require the common wire, or the C-wire. This C-wire gives continuous power for the features like WiFi and displays. If you are not really that sure when you have the C-wire, you will need to have a consultation with the HVAC technician.

When you already know that you do not have the C-wire, and you really want the smart thermostat, you then have these options:


  • Choose the model with the power adapter or the power extender that permits you to add the C-wire to the system, like an Ecobee.


  • Buy, and then installs the third-party add the a-wire adapter.


  • Select the model that does not require the C-wire and look underneath the specs and the features and there are some HVAC experts caution against the arrangement, as this will harm the mechanical equipment.


  • Have the C-wire installed professionally.


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