16 Mar. 22

What’s Blocking My Kitchen Sink From Draining?

When people are asked which sink in their home is most likely to become blocked, many will undoubtedly choose their bathroom sink, but many more will likely say their kitchen sink. When you compare bathroom and kitchen sinks, you’ll notice that the bathroom sinks are exposed to far less that can cause clogs. Sure, soap scum or hair can clog a bathroom sink, but other than that, soap and water are the only things that go down your normal bathroom sink.

A kitchen sink, on the other hand, is exposed to a variety of contaminants that could cause a blockage. As a result, the kitchen sink appears to be clogged on a regular basis. Grease, fat, oil, food scrapings, soap scum, and other contaminants abound. Even though much of it should not be, it is tossed down kitchen sinks. So, if your kitchen sink is clogged and you’re stumped as to why, you can quit scratching your head. In this article, we’ll go over all of the different things that can clog a kitchen sink, as well as how to prevent blockages in the future.

Causes of A Blocked Kitchen Sink

Organic waste such as food scraps, coffee grounds, and oil are common causes of clogged kitchen sinks. Other things, such as teaspoons or toothpicks, might also cause it if they fall down the drain. Slow draining water and gurgling sounds in the pipes are both warning indications for bathroom sink drains.

Causes of A Blocked Bathroom Sink

A blockage in the drain could be developing if water drains from your bathroom sink slower than usual. Hair and soap scum accumulate in your sink drain over time. Standing water can form even in a sink that drains slowly. Bathroom sink drains can become clogged for a variety of reasons. Hair, soap scum, dental floss, and cotton buds are examples of common debris that clogs bathroom sinks. When these objects are flushed down the drain, they can become stuck in the plumbing and build up over time.

The first indicator that a clog is building in the pipes is a slow emptying bathroom sink. Don’t dismiss the fact that the water isn’t draining as well as it should. When you act promptly before the blocked drain becomes a significant issue, you have the best chance of cleaning a bathroom sink drain without having to hire a plumber. A strong odor coming from the drain opening or gurgling sounds in the pipes while the water drains are further indicators of a blocked bathroom sink.

What Happens If You Pour Oil Down the Drain?

Fats, oils, and grease are not flushable. When they cool in the sewer, they harden quickly, adhering to pipe walls and blocking them. Blockages can happen more faster if they mix with other materials like damp wipes. It is never a good idea to dump cooking oil down the drain. This is due to the fact that fats, oils, and grease congeal and harden, causing obstructions. “Even if you break down the oil with soap and hot water, it can re-solidify after it cools down, clogging drain pipes and sewers,” according to Waste Cycle.

Cooking oil or grease is often thick in consistency and can congeal into fatty deposits when cooled. Those will cling to drains and pipes. These fatty deposits might increase over time as additional cooking oil or oils such as bacon grease are rinsed down the sink. Once oils and fats have been in your drains for a long time, they can cause a foul odor that must be removed. It’s critical to act swiftly on this.

Your drainage system will become clogged, restricting water flow and causing a problem in your property. Water will eventually back up out of the sink, putting your home at risk of water damage. Not to mention the aggravation of a clogged drain and a stinking drain! We can demonstrate how to clean a drain that is clogged with oils and fats. 

Plumbers for Clogged Sinks in Sydney

Still trying to unclog your sink with baking soda and boiling water? Call Quintessential Plumbing specialists instead of wasting time! There is just one clogged sink plumbing service in Inner Sydney, St. George or other parts of Sydney that you can rely on. We’re never too late to save you when it comes to clogged sink repairs. We provide honest, up-front rates to keep things transparent and fair, whether your bathroom basin sink has a hair blockage in the drain or your kitchen sink drain pipe is clogged with food debris.

Clogged sink drains may make even the most basic tasks difficult. Brushing your teeth and washing your hands is difficult when the bathroom sink is clogged. It would be difficult to wash dishes or clean fruits and vegetables if the kitchen sink is clogged or slow to drain. Until there is a clogged drain, many take these routine procedures for granted. Clogged bathroom and kitchen sinks, on the other hand, are frequently easy to clean. Oils and fats build up inside your pipes, forming a barrier that might cause a blockage. Water will struggle to flow smoothly down the sink drain, potentially resulting in bad odour and flooding. A blockage in the kitchen sink is not a pleasant experience, and it can lead to serious plumbing issues. Failure to clear obstructions in your drain system could result in costly repairs in the future.