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Thomas Holt purchased the 13,000 acres in the year 1860 which stretched to Cronulla from Sutherland. The Sutherland area has been initially timber-cutting and heavily timbered and became their first industry. Holt started lots of commercial projects with the timber cutting, sheep farming, oyster farming and coal mining. He constructed the mansion with forty-rooms and named it Sutherland House during 1881 at the Sylvania, on the Gwawley Bay bank. The mansion has been destroyed in 1918 by fire, believed to have been purposely lit. Its first ever lane by the area was the South Road constructed during 1842. Later, the Illawarra Road has been constructed along the high land ridges to Woronora River.


The conventional owners of the Sylvania are Dharawal Aboriginal inhabitant and their archaeological tradition is obvious in the number of listed middens, art sites and buried in the rock shelters on Georges River. Right after the European settlement, the land has been acquired by Mr. John Connell Laycock is the Crown grant. Mr. Thomas Holt, the prominent landowner, politician, and financier, acquired it some years after as part of Holt-Sutherland Estates, some of the 13,000 acres. The label of the suburb connects to the original wooded vegetation (the ‘sylvan’ which means inhabiting the woods or wooded). The local vegetation of this suburb is fast disappearing now, as an outcome of the increased development.

Sylvania Waters

Sylvania Waters Estate has been developed in 1960 by LJ Hooker, with more of the reclaimed land from the bay, efficiently smashing the mangrove ecosystem in giving the water frontages with the boat facilities. Mr. James Goyen won in the tender to style the estate, promote the new suburban and construct the houses. The streets of the progress were named right after the Australian rivers, like the Hawkesbury, Barwon, Shoalhaven, Tweed, and Murrumbidgee to emphasize the connection with water. The Sylvania Waters are mainly residential, with the three small shopping bands started on the Belgrave Esplanade. The Doltone House is the functional center near to the Sylvania Shopping Village.

Taren Point

Taren Point contained the mix of commercial, some industrial and residential areas. The residential areas are situated along the Georges River bank, at the Botany Bay mouth. Most of the industrial and the commercial areas are core on the Taren Point Lane and to the eastside towards the Woolooware Bay. The Taren Point was initially named as Comyns Point, then, it became Cummins Point and lastly the Commins Point, thought to be after the local resident. The beginning of the Taren Point is still not clear. There was the cane toad outbreak at the Taren Point in the year 2010, and the population still persists.

Quintessential Plumbing Service in Sutherland, Sylvania, Sylvania Waters and Taren Point

From the drain cleaning up to the water heater installations and more, the Quintessential Plumbing Service is working with the Sydney residents to keep the residents’ houses clean, updated and comfortable to live in. The company’s team plumbers are all experts and are all giving their efficiency and professionalism in delivering effective installations and repairs.

Quintessential Plumbing Service can be accessed in 24/7 time to meet any abrupt or emergency situations that will strike the Sydney homeowners. We understand that the water and the sewer damage may be detrimental to the house and to the whole family and our team plumbers will respond to any emergency calls because we are always prepared to dispatch our plumbers to your homes round-the-clock.

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