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Strathfield South

This area was initially part of the town of Enfield and has been situated within the previous Enfield Municipal Council starting from 1889-1949. Progressively, the boundaries have changed and finally this place became known as the Strathfield South. Mostly in the Strathfield South is situated on the two early ground grants – the year 1808 granted to James Wilshire and the 1837 granted to John Joseph Therry, the priest which became St Anne Village. Wilshhire’s granted had been subdivided in 1867, then, marketed as ‘Redmire Estate’. The roads in the Strathfield South are Dean Street and the Water Street was founded in this subdivision.

Summer Hill

This is a mainly residential suburb of the Inner West of Sydney, adjoining two of the major arterial roads of Sydney, Liverpool Road and Parramatta Road. The primary land granted was created in 1794 to the former convicted and guard Henry Kable, and this suburb started growing following the railway station opening in 1879 on Main Suburban railway lane. In year 1920, the town had been relatively upper class, and with large mansions and estates constructed throughout the suburb. Most of these still existed up to now. Following the transition to the working-class suburb during the middle of the 20th century, when lots of the large assets were subdivided or demolished, the suburb now has the character “village” and the mix of the medium-density apartment federation houses and blocks.


The place was developed after Illawarra line came from the place to Hurstville during the late 1800s. It has been named after Sydenham, the suburb of London, the same for the close proximity into the city and the railway junction. A station was initially known as the Marrickville when this opened on October 15, 1884. This was altered to Sydenham on March 19, 1895 when the new line has been constructed to Bankstown and its primary station was called as Marrickville. Their post office opened in 1899 in April as Tempe Park, then, it was only renamed in 1964 to Sydenham. The Marrickville Council suggested this Sydenham Creative Hub—the commercial area of cafes, galleries and bars – near the Sydenham Station sometime in 2011.


The place was named right after a mansion at the southern bank area of the River Cooks in the place that has been known as the Wolli Creek. Spark, Alexander Brodie, the immigrant from Scotland, Elgin, built in 1836 the Tempe House. It was named right after ‘Vale of Tempe‘, the stunning valley set at the foot of the Mount Olympus situated in Greece, which has been prominent in the prehistoric Greek legend. The Tempe House, styled by John Verge in the Georgian design is being regarded to become one of the greatest houses of Sydney. This is being listed with a Heritage Council of the New South Wales, and also the State Heritage Register. Alexander Spark also donated some money towards the buying of land and the construction of the Church of St Peter in England, which gave the name to St Peters suburb, to the north side of Tempe.


The European settlement of this place started in the 1830 and with the land mainly utilized for farming. This town was primarily part of the neighboring towns Abbotsford until declared the separate suburb in the year 1993. The name Wareemba came from the Aboriginal word which means “place where the sweet water meets the salt water”. Wareemba had the tiny mass of shops placed in the Great North Lane. Wareemba is famous for its coffee stores, including a business that combined the coffee shop and the fruit shop. The Wareemba Gospel Hall has been in the Coranto Street. The Wareemba suburb had the population of around 1,546 people, based on the Census of Population & Housing in 2016.

Wentworth Point

The suburb was initially part of the town of Homebush Bay, labeled after the Homebush Bay, this bay with the artificial and the natural shoreline on its southern side of the Parramatta River. The Homebush Bay has then named it after the close by suburb and the estate of Homebush, formed in the 1800 through the colonies assistant physician D’Arcy Wentworth. Based on the local administration historian Michael Jones,” D’Arcy Wentworth is famously credited with having named the area after the ‘house in the bush’, even though Homebush is a place also in Kent.” The part of the northern peninsula had been labeled as Wentworth Point and the gazetted in 1976.

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