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Russell Lea

The place sits on the western coast of Iron Cove, on the Parramatta River. This is the quiet tree-lined town with the large waterfront homes and also more traditional federation houses. Russell Lea took the label from one of the original colonizer, Russell Barton, who had been the pastoralist, politician and the mine owner. He developed this “Russell Lea Estate” at the 24-hectare grant. Russell Lea had been once encompassed in Five Dock Farm land of the surgeon John Harris. During 1790, this frank Irishman arrived at the infant colony, and in which he displayed the instant dislike. But, the rapid acquisition of the Crown land can have served to alter his tune.

St Peters

The place was named by the association with the Church of St Peters Anglican, which was sacred in 1838. This St Peters is known as the third matured Anglican churches in Sydney and was claimed as the first church constructed in Australia by using the non-convict labor. This Church is on the Princes Highway. This was styled by Thomas Bird then constructed in 1838-39. During 1875, alterations were brought out under the custody of Edmund Blacket. This church is listed now on the National Estate Registration. The churchyard is the burial area of the few notable people, with merchant and solicitor Frederick Wright Unwin, whom had Unwin’s Bridge and Unwin Road named after him.


The named was given by the wealthy saddler, John Jones, the one that bought the land in 1835 wherein Newington College now called and stands it as Stanmore Estate. Jones called it after his place of birth of Stanmore, now the northwest town of London. Land at the current Stanmore place was primarily allocated to the colonial officers by Gov. Phillip in between 1793 and in 1810. Thomas Rowley possessed the Kingston Farm that occupied the eastern semi of Stanmore and more of Newtown, and the parts of the farm estate of George Johnston Annandale covered a southern area of the Parramatta Road have the Annandale House constructed in 1799 on the hill in between Albany and Macaulay Roads. Johnston strides from here with the troops to the Castle Hill on March 5, 1804 to suppress the convict revolt.


The district was initially occupied by this Wangal clan. The European colonization inaugurate in 1793 with an issue of the land granted in the Liberty Plains area. In 1808, the grant was created by James Wilshire that forms the biggest part of the present suburb of Strathfield. During 1867, this grant had been subdivided and was sold as a ‘Redmire Estate’ that promoted the residential progress of the region under the town name of the ‘Redmire’. In 1885, enough numbers of individual resided in the region to able incorporation of their personal local government. This Redmire suburb was named again as Strathfield c. 1886. This town was named after the house known as the ‘Strathfield House’, which had been initially called as Stratfield Saye.

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The Quintessential Plumbing technicians are all experts and knowledgeable in both the business and the residential plumbing systems and those different issues and needs that may take place for both. The experts in our team will assist you with every plumbing need you want to fix. We have not yet come across with any plumbing problem that the team had not been able to resolving the total satisfaction of the client. The plumbers are expertly professional and trained. We are bonded, insured and licensed and specialize in the job done right. If you have any questions, you can always speak with any of our plumbing experts available.

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