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This is a kind of Aboriginal word that means “sun”, a proper name for a place named as the ‘Sunning Hill Farm‘. Their dialect and language was derived from being unclear. The number of Sydney towns developed during 1930 had the same allegedly Aboriginal names, their origins of which had been uncertain, with nearby Jannali and Panania. Jannali supposedly denotes “moon” and has been apparently called at a similar time as Narwee, like a “sister suburb”. This Narwee name was taken when a railway station commenced on December 1931. The people that are dwelling there during that time were usually marketed gardeners and poultry farmers, and the urban florist had the big large garden at west of a railway station.


The evidence of an Aboriginal occupation of a land now called as Oatley existed in the shape of lots of shell middens and the rock shelters close by the shore of the Georges River. The suburb’s name may be traced into James Oatley Snr, a watchmaker, who has been transported to the Botany Bay in 1814 for life. In 1821, after 7 years, Gov. Lachlan Macquarie settled Oatley the provisional pardon and also appointed him overseer with the Town Clock about his work in putting in a clock at the Hyde Park Barracks. On August 1898, Oatley has been the site of the pursuit and the gun battle that involved the party of the police and the George Peisley (or also Peasley), the fugitive horse and cattle thief, who had been using the sandstone cave on their eastern side of the Gungah Bay as the personal hideout.


The place was named after the landholder Mr. John Robert Peake. He bought 10 ac. of land close by the junction of their recent Forest Road and the Henry Lawson Drive during 1838. He provided the block of the land on which their Wesleyan Church has been constructed in 1855. The place was initially part of the 1808 land granted to Capt. John Townson. The School Insp. Huffer recommended that Peake’s identity be utilized to name the town when a public school has been founded in 1871. Peakhurst’s commercial centers are predominantly situated along the Boundary Road and the Forest Road. There are various restaurants, cafes and retail shops that are situated close by Peakhurst Inn Hotel at the Forest Road.

Peakhurst Heights

This is a town in the southern Sydney, at New South Wales in Australia. Peakhurst Heights has been located 22 kilometers from the south of Sydney central industry district and has been part of St George area. The Peakhurst Heights are in the local administration area of Georges River Council. The Peakhurst is the separate suburb going to the north. The Peakhurst Heights has been bordered by the Lime Kiln Bay and Boggywell Creek on Georges River. The seashores of the Lime Kiln Bay had Aboriginal middens before that were utilized by the shell-gatherers. The Peakhurst Heights have been the mainly residential area.

Quintessential Plumbing Service in Narwee, Oatley, Peakhurst and Peakhurst Heights

One residential plumbing case may contain so many unlike things. When you are taking into consideration the quantity of water traits in your home, it’s just easy to observe why you need plumbers of some assistance. The Quintessential Plumbing Service had been aiding the people in Sydney to live a great life. Our team specialists are routinely set up new water fixtures in homes, helping the homeowners with either their bathroom or kitchen renovations, and updating the residential plumbing systems. Our professionals are doing this work every day, and that’s also the main reason why we’re a successful industrial and residential plumbing service. Our company is here to help and to serve you with all of your residential or commercial plumbing issues.

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Emergency Plumbing
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St. George emergency plumbing includes Narwee, Oatley, Peakhurst, and Peakhurst Heights serviceable areas. Reach out to us to know more about our services.
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