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Kyle Bay

Kyle Bay took their label from the bay which sits on the northern coast of Georges River. This is an affluent, tiny, picturesque suburb around Harness Cask Point and the bay. Kyle Bay is enclosed by the towns of Blakehurst, Connells Point and the South Hurstville. The Kangaroo Point sits on the opposite side of Georges River. This is 7km west of the Botany Bay and the 12km north-west from the Cronulla waving or surfing beaches. The leafy suburb has been graced with the scenic reserves and riverside parks with the Donnelly Reserve and Merriman Reserve. Harness Cask Point and Kyle Bay are the natural formations.


It is the suburb in the southern part of Sydney, in New South Wales in Australia. The most common misconception with Lugarno is that it is a section of Sutherland Shire; but, Lugarno is situated in the local administration area of Georges River Council, placed on the side of the northern bank of Georges River, Lugarno has been known for its biggest areas of bushland. Lugarno was called after the Lake Lugano, in Switzerland by the surveyors Maj. Thomas Livingstone Mitchell and William Govett in 1843 and an extra letter ‘r’ has been added for the town name. The entire area between Lugarno and Arncliffe was initially heavily timbered.


The place sits at the western seashores of the Botany Bay. Cook Park and the Lady Robinsons Beach run all along the eastern limit. Scarborough Park, which presents the pond, runs along a western border. The suburban is typically residential with the small crowd of shops on the Chuter Avenue, close to the intersection of the Scarborough Street and in the Music Video for 1987 filmed in the Scarborough Street, Monterey. The Monterey was initially part of the Brighton-Le-Sands & also the Ramsgate. As the region developed, the street names with the Californian influence were chosen like the Hollywood, Monterey, Culver and the Pasadena.


Mortdale has been recognized in the previous time as Mort’s Hill, Mort’s Road, Mort’s Township, Mort Dale and Mort’s Crossing. The suburb has been named after Thomas Sutcliffe Mort, the Sydney industrialist, who was popular for pioneering the freezing of shipping meat with the building of Mort’s Dock in Balmain. Mortdale was a small farming society began when the land about Mort’s Road has been subdivided in 17 farms. The official title of the suburb has been set as the Mortdale when a railway station has been opened with a name on March 1897. Mortdale became the famous residential suburb for the soldiers coming in 1920 from the World War I.

Quintessential Plumbing Service in Kyle Bay, Lugarno, Monterey and Mortdale

The residential plumbing instances will contain lots of different things. When you’re considering the quantity of water features inside the home, it is simple to see why there is a need for the plumbers to help you. The Quintessential Plumbing Service had been helping people in Sydney, Australia live a better time. Our specialists are regularly installing the current water fixtures in the homes, helping the homeowners with their bathroom and also kitchen renovations, and updating the residential plumbing systems.

There are some people that believe that the task inside their homes may be completed all alone.  Lots of people finally ended up calling in the residential plumber to repair the original trouble that had arisen. The experts do this task every single day, which is the main reason why we’re a successful residential and industrial plumbing service. Our team is all here to serve and help you and all your plumbing problems. Trust us as your home plumbing partner.

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