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The Governor Philip King has been granted with 500 acres to Hannah Laycock in 1804, the wife of the Quartermaster Thomas Laycock and then she named this farm as King’s Grove in honor of Governor King. This was then later simplified as Kingsgrove. This area would now be bound by the Kingsgrove Road, William Street and the Bexley Road. The whole 820 acres land of Kingsgrove farm when being sold in 1829 to Simeon Lord had extended from Campsie & also Clemton Park to the Stoney Creek Road. Its primary inn built within the area had been the Man of the Kent on the Kingsgrove Road, close to Morris Avenue and has been licensed on July 1850 while the Kingsgrove railway station commenced in 1931 and the development in that place followed.


The place took the name from the Kogarah Bay, the small bay at the northern shore area of Georges River. The town initially stretched to this bay, but had since been split up to shape up the separate towns of the Kogarah Bay and also the Beverley Park. This Kogarah had the mixture of commercial, light industrial and also some residential areas. It is known for the large quantity of schools and the health care services. The NRL side, the St George Illawarra Dragon had their Sydney workspace based on close by Jubilee Oval, usually referred to as the Kogarah Oval. The Kogarah featured all the kinds of residential enhancements from the low density separated houses, to the medium density flats with the high density of high-rise apartments also.

Kogarah Bay

They took their name from their small bay on the northern shore side of Georges River. This suburb is being surrounded by the towns of the Carss Park, Beverley Park, Sans Souci, Blakehurst, and Carlton. The small crowd of shops has been situated on the connections of the Park Road and also the Princes Highway. Kogarah came from the aboriginal word that means place or rushes of reeds. It was written also as “cogerah or coggera” but the present spelling has been settled when a railway line came from the place in 1880. Beverley Park and Kogarah Bay were initially part of the town of Kogarah. Kogarah Bay Congregational is the name of their Church.


The place is a local government place on the Bayside Board and is the part of the St George area. The Kyeemagh word is an Aboriginal label which means ‘beautiful dawn’. Proceeding to the European settlement, it has been a part of the area of the Cadigal individual. The label of the town was adopted from a name of the Polo Ground, founded in the place in 1929. To give that better access to a ground from the side of north a latest bridge has been constructed over a Cook’s River and this new polo ground had been used for playing the cricket.

Quintessential Plumbing Service in Kingsgrove, Kogarah, Kogarah Bay and Kyeemagh

We have accomplished thousands of plumbing tasks for the residents in the place. The quintessential residential plumber will appear in your home and details the problem. After the plumber diagnoses a plumbing issue, the written estimate can then be provided detailing a work that needed to be completed. Our residential plumbing services utilized the most technically advanced equipment to fix the plumbing problems. We, at Quintessential Plumbing are constantly working to fix pipe problems, water leaks and with any type of emergency plumbing situations. The highly trained plumbers have done preventative work on the residential water system in decreasing the chance of plumbing emergencies that actually take place.

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