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Kareela is the suburb in the southern part of Sydney, in New South Wales states in Australia. Kareela has been initially mixed-use estate developed in 1953 and urbanized by Stockland. The estate was initially named as Sylvan Headland. Then, Sylvan Headland altered the name to Kareela after their estate opened. Kareela has been taken from the Aboriginal word which mean ‘place of water and trees’ or alternatively ‘wind rider’ or ‘south wind’. The label for the suburb has been approved in 1968 by the Geographical Names Board. Most of the lanes in Kareela are being named after the line-honor winners and the outright winners of Sydney of the Hobart Yacht Race in between 1945 and in 1970.


Kirrawee is cracked in between residential and commercial areas. About 50% of a place in the north part of the train border is being occupied by the industry and the commercial properties, while most of the part south of this train terminal is housed. South Kirrawee, which extended from the train terminal in the north going to Royal National Parke in the south, has lots of houses on the quiet lanes with the adorable bush outlooks. The North Kirrawee is manily an industrial/commercial zone containing the small to the medium-sized factory of the housing local businesses. This is also the home to the number of the  petrol stations, fast food chain outlets and the auto dealerships. But, the more western and northern part of this area of the Kirrawee is residential, where in some areas also with the bush outlooks.


Kurnell has been the place where Capt James Cook set down on April 1770, making him the first ever contact with the primary inhabitants of the place, the Gweagal Aborigines while navigating his gradient to the East Coast part of Australia on the Endeavour. Capt Cook together with his team stayed at the Kurnell for about eight days grace period. During their visit they’d gathered botanical specimens, chart the place and attempted to make contact with the indigenous inhabitants. When Cook accounted back going to England, he stated that the land has been fitted for agriculture and has been lightly wooded.

Lilli Pilli

It was named for lilly pilly, a native myrtle that cultivates on the point. Mr. Thomas Holt owned most of that land that stretched starting from Sutherland up to Cronulla, with the land on that point. In year 1840, the parish maps also illustrated that 20 acres of the land on those points where personally owned by Mr. Francis Mitchell. This public school commenced in 1957, and then commemorated in 2007 its 50th anniversary. Lilli Pilli is situated on the north coast of Port Hacking estuary. Its only adjacent towns are the Caringbah South, Dolans Bay and the Port Hacking. The Maianbar and Bundeena villages are situated on the reverse bank of the Port Hacking.

Quintessential Plumbing Service in Kareela, Kirrawee, Kurnell and Lilli Pilli

Plumbing is essential to kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and a lot more and plumbing are making life simpler. The rooms, like the bathroom and the kitchen will be instantly beautified and improved with the little addition, like the new shower and the new sink.

However, plumbing can rapidly and turn you inside out if something went wrong. Even those smallest leaks in the faucet may cause water waste, problems like mold and rust and the higher water bill. If you live within Sydney or the surrounding part, you can always count on Quintessential Plumbing Service to meet your every plumbing need. From the standard home plumbing services to the full-blown plumbing emergency, our team will get your Sydney home back in its original shape.

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