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The area was primarily called as Liberty Plains. Its historic railway station called after the suburb had been for a moment the primitive terminus of Great Western Line. Closest by the Homebush Bay that was first known by the name The Flats was the major inlet on the southern side of the Parramatta River northwest side of Homebush. The Homebush Bay had been the name also of the official, a separate suburb in the previous Auburn Council, lots of which are now the Olympic Park suburb, situated to the northwest side of Homebush and the north of the disconnected suburb of the Homebush West that is also called as Flemington.

Homebush West

The area was initially known as the Liberty Plains but had been named as Flemington by Mr. John Fleming, who granted 200 acres in 1806. Its bush had turned into paddocks then later it was the place of the cattle saleyard. While in 1970, the Sydney Markets had been constructed at Flemington to alleviate the Paddy’s Markets in Haymarket, in the urban. Ever since the Sydney Markets establishment in 1975 at Flemington, the residential area of the suburb, in the railway line on the south, it has turned out as the Homebush West. This Homebush had been established in 1800 by a colony’s then associate surgeon D’arcy Wentworth.

Hurlstone Park

The place was initially known as the ‘Wattle Hill’ then became ‘Fernhill’. Right after the Department of the Postmaster-General refuses to unlock the post office named as Fernhill, the 1910 referendum chose a name ‘Hurlstone’, right after the close of Hurlstone College. Mr. John Kinloch established a college in 1878, while on the place of the current present-time, the Trinity Grammar School, then, named it after the maiden name of his mother, which is Helen Hurlstone. This college transferred to the new site, now called at the Hurlstone Agricultural Secondary School. A ‘Park’ had been added through the request of Railways Department, to shun from confusions with the town of Hillston, in New South Wales.


It contains the mix of commercial and residential developments and famous as the “Little Italy” in Sydney. Leichhardt businesses and residents live and work close to the CBD of Sydney. Leichhardt was formerly the area broadly inhabited through a Wangal band of a Dharug (Eora) words’ team. The ‘Eora people’ had been the word provided to the coastal Aborigines in around Sydney – this Eora will mean from this area – local Aboriginal individual used this description to illustrate to Europeans from where they draw closer, and in time, this word became used to describe Aboriginal people themselves. The Wangal country was famous as the ‘wanne’ and this initially extended from a suburb of Birchgrove and Balmain in the east side to Auburn and Silverwater in the west.

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Here at Quintessential Plumbing, we are giving service of any kind of plumbing issues you have, from the general repairs up to the major problems with the Trenchless sewer repairs, newly build plumbing installations, and repairs.

The Quintessential Plumbing technicians are all knowledgeable and well experience in your commercial and residential plumbing needs, and with the different issues that will take place for both of your plumbing essentials. If you have questions and would like to talk with one of the team’s plumbing experts, just phone us or fill out the inquiry form, we have on our site, and we are all great to assist you in any of your plumbing needs!

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